Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Plant Based Butter

It’s time to have your bread and butter it too! We’re calling all dairy-free foodies to your nearest Natural Grocers because you must taste the new, plant-based buttery spread in town. It delivers Natural Grocers Brand Organic Plant Based Buttercreamy, melty deliciousness without a drop of dairy, and it will perform in your favorite recipes the same as an equal measurement of “regular” butter. No trans fats, artificial additives or preservatives are used in the making of its velvety perfection, just a blend of cold-extracted oils, including Fair Trade Certified™ palm fruit oil. It doesn’t have any soy, gluten, nuts, or cholesterol, plus it’s organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified™. So call your friends and plan a party, because it’s time to make everything about your dairy-free lifestyle BETTER with Natural Grocers Plant-Based Butter. 

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Natural Grocers Brand Organic Plant Based Buttery Spread
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Meet Henry

Henry the Hippo Character Image

If you’ve never met a hippo before, it’s high time you should, and we’re excited to say—we’ve brought one to the neighborhood! His name is Henry, and he’s the number one lover of our vegan butter. You may think “buttering” toast wouldn’t be a hippo’s “cup of tea,” but Henry is no ordinary mammal, you see. When it comes to the Natural Grocers Brand squad, Henry’s the guy who makes the tastiest breakfast around, not to mention his blueberry pie, always seasoned with jokes and lots of love for his folks! But what matters to this hippo the most is protecting the habitats of species all over the planet. He says, ”if you care about sustainability, this much is true— making better choices in food is the most important thing you can do.” So, Henry chooses our plant-based buttery spread because its ingredients are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and organic, plus the palm fruit oil is fair trade, too. Henry will show you that buttering your toast can be your “cup of tea,” even when you’re dairy free!