Natural Grocers Brand Organic Kombucha

Natural Grocers® Brand Organic KombuchaPut down the soda and the sugar-heavy juices—we have a thirst quencher that's sooo much better: Natural Grocers Brand Kombucha! A refreshing, fermented tea crafted for every palate—it will delight those who already love the booch AND those who like the idea but don't love the taste.

Our brew partner balances the just-right ratio of elements to create a drink that’s pure, raw and jamming with live probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants while having less of the vinegary taste that kombucha haters hate. It's Certified Organic and deliciously flavored with botanicals like lavender petals, hibiscus flowers, ginger root, AND less sugar than your average bottle of fermented bubbly.

Our partner supports the planet, too, with 1% of sales going to organizations that help wildlife and wild places. So, get on down to Natty G's, and let's raise our glasses in a toast to good health, great flavor, and a regenerative future!

Meet Ophelia the Owl

Ophelia the Owl

Ophelia, the owl, is an insatiably curious fowl, always trying to find out what the hottest topic's all about. One day, she heard of a thing called SCOBY, so she called her pal—the ladybug named Tobi—and said come with me please, to Natty G's, because I'm sure they know about things like these. Naturally, we offered them a branch for a seat and told them they were in for a delicious treat because it's a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) that creates the beneficial probiotics in our favorite drink! Natural Grocers Brand Kombucha is the brew in question—it's raw & pure, and helpful for digestion. It's also organic and non-GMO, since for love of the planet—that's how we roll. And the secret to the smoothness of this libation is our brew partner's penchant for fermentation. Now our inquisitive friend and her best gal Tobi are spreading the news about this thing called SCOBY. Their words of wisdom to anyone who will listen? Your gut instinct will be strong, and your taste buds pleased when you're drinking kombucha by Natty G's!"