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Denver April 2nd: Healthy Farms, Healthy Families -- with Food and Water Watch

Sponsored by: Food & Water Watch, Natural Grocers and
Colorado Interfaith Power & Light


Food and Water Watch

Healthy Farms, Healthy Families

Speakers Forum & Potluck

Weds, April 2nd, 6:30 – 8 PM

Central Presbyterian Church

1660 Sherman Street Denver, CO


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Learn more about the issue of antibiotics resistant bacteria from guest panelists from Denver Public Health, Natural Grocers, American Grassfed Association and Windsor Dairy.


This event is free and open to the public!

Parking is free for the first 80 cars!

(Please park at Wells Fargo Center Garage: 1700 Sherman St)

(1700 Sherman Street)


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[for more information contact Lisa Trope: 720-689-1937 or]

Come join us for an evening of good food, conversation, and education!


Learn more about the issue of antibiotics resistant bacteria from guest panelists Dr. William Berman, Medical Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Denver Public Health, Alan Lewis, Director of Food & Agricultural Policy at Natural Grocers, Carrie Balkcom, Executive Director of American Grassfed Association, and Dr. Meg Cattell, veterinarian and co-owner of Windsor Dairy.


For too long, Big Ag has gotten away with prioritizing profit over public health. We should be saving medically important antibiotics for people, and not factory farms. We need our senator, Michael Bennet, to be a public health champion and co-sponsor the Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act, which would end the overuse of antibiotics in livestock feed, and safeguard their effectiveness in treating you and your loved ones.


Guest speakers at the Forum will address the issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria and explain what can and must be done to counter this growing threat. The panel will conclude with a question and answer period and information on how you can get involved with Food & Water Watch’s Healthy Farms, Healthy Families Campaign.


For more info contact Lisa: 720-689-1937 or


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