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Memorial Day Deals

November 26 - December 31
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Art of Grilling

November 26 - December 29
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Free Nutritional Health Coaching

October 01 - December 24
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May 2024 Health Hotline® Magazine Issue 82

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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Perimenopause

Sometime in my early-ish to mid-forties things started to get weird. I developed severe anxiety, a full night’s sleep became elusive, I felt achy and old, was so fatigued, I gained weight (especially in my belly), I began having spells of vertigo, and overall, just generally didn’t feel at home in my body. None of this had happened before and it all happened without changing any lifestyle or dietary habits. I felt like I was falling apart. Was this the fabled midlife crisis I’d heard about my whole life? Turns out it was perimenopause.

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