Grain Cooking Chart

Grain Cooking Time/Water (per cup dry grain) & Yield Uses
Long Grain Brown Rice 45 minutes/2.5 cups Yields: 3.5 cups Firm, fluffy side dishes, salad, pilafs.
Medium Grain Brown Rice 50 minutes/2.5 cups Yields: 3.5 cups Softer. All-purpose, baking, stuffings.
Short Grain Brown Rice 50 minutes/2 cups Yields: 3.5 cups Sticky. Puddings, baking, sushi
Wild Rice 50 minutes/2.5 cups Yields: 3.5 cups Mix with brown rice to add flavor and texture.
Barley (Pot/Scotch is more nutritious than pearl) Pot - one hour/3 cups Pearl - 50 minutes/2.5 cups Yields: 3 cups each Grain salads, soups, stews, baking, casseroles.
Millet (mineral-rich, easily digestible) 40 mintes/2.5 cups Yields: 3.5 cups Fluffy. Stuffings, stews, side dishes
Quinoa (50% more protein than more other grains) Rinse first to cut bitterness 15 minutes/2 cups Yields: 4 cups Fluffy. Side dishes, pilaf, stews, stuffing.
Amaranth (50% more protein than other grains) 30 minutes/2.5 cups Yields: 2.5 cups Sticky. Stuffing, hot cereal. Mix with other grains to add variety.
Couscous*, Bulgur (precooked cracked wheat products) 15 mintes/2 cups Yields: 3 cups *Add water, let stand Fluffy bed for stews, veggies. Stuffing, tabouli.
Rolled Oats (steamed, pressed oats) 15 minutes/1.5 cups Yields: 2.5 cups Hot cereal, breads, cookies, baking.
Cornmeal (called grits or polenta when fully refined) 30 minutes/4 cups Yields: 3 cups Hot cereal, grill pre-cooked squares and serve with sauces.
Buckwheat (Kasha - no relation to wheat - wheat and gluten free) 20 mintes/2 cups Yields: 2.3 cups Pan-toast before cooking Pilafs, stuffings, hot cereal, side dish with onions
Cracked Wheat 45 minutes/3 cups Yields 3 cups Sticker than bulgur, couscous. Hot cereal.


Grain Cooking Tips
  1. Rinse: Before you cook grains, rinse them thoroughly in cold water until the water runs clear. Strain them to remove any dirt or debris. Some do well with soaking (particularly brown rice).
  2. Boil/Simmer: As a general rule, bring water to a boil, add grain and return to a boil. Then reduce heat and simmer, covered tightly, until cooking time has elapsed. Resist the urge to lift the lid or to stir as this disrupts the cooking process and may result in a mushy end product. Once cooking time has lapsed let sit 10-15 minutes longer off heat.
  3. Fluff: Many grains benefit from fluffing. When grains are done cooking, remove from heat and gently lift and separate them with a fork. Re-cover and allow to sit 5-10 more minutes before serving.