Letter From the Iselys - November 2023

In November, we like to imagine that we’re all spending the month in cozy sweaters, planning our fourth Thursday menus next to a crackling fire. We dream of weather that is mostly fall sunshine, but just crisp enough to make those sweaters justifiable. And we hope it’s punctuated by moments of contemplative gray, during which we have plenty of time to sink into a comfy chair with a book.

Image of person wearing cozy socks near a fireIn November, we like to imagine that we take a break from the news for 30 glorious late-fall days and that while we’re not paying attention, nothing newsworthy happens. We daydream that all Thanksgiving travel plans will come together as smoothly as the eggnog we’ll be enjoying in December. We envision ourselves making time to indulge in joyful daily movement, relaxing in a warm, candlelit bath, and savoring as many hours of restful sleep as we need! And we hope we seize opportunities to help our communities in some small way, even just by bringing a neighbor a bowl of soup and a smile.

In November, we like to imagine that as the brilliant beauty of autumn dances its way toward winter, we immerse our senses in its small delights… vivid, fading color, first snows, cold, rosy cheeks, pumpkin, pear, and apple things, practicing our pie crust technique… the whole beautiful patchwork of November ingredients! We hope we wrap ourselves in it like a favorite quilt or a grandmother’s warm embrace.

In November, we like to imagine that instead of hurtling toward the holiday chaos at full throttle, we can stroll toward it with un-rushed intention. We hope that along the way, we discover the things that remind us why gathering with the people we love around a table filled with delicious food matters. And perhaps we will find that gratitude—the deep-down-in-our-guts kind—blooms when we pause and inhale deep breaths of life's wondrous details. We hope this is what we bring to the day we call Thanksgiving.

We look forward to seeing you soon, neighbors. May the good things you like to imagine in November come true for you!

Talk to you soon! We're so happy you're here.
The Isely Family