Think Wisely - Body Care & Beauty Bonanza

Welcome to the Beauty Bonanza edition of Think Wisely, friends! This month, we invite you to join us in our Body Care department—it's stocked with all the essentials you need to build your cleaner, healthier hygiene and beauty routine. Our exceptional quality standards keep out the toxic ingredients you're trying to avoid, like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, (and many more), so you can focus on finding the selections that suit your needs without worrying about the junk. Like we always say—you're a natural! Shouldn't your body care products be just as natural?

Smell Divine with Kate’s Magik

Kate’s Magik ProductsDitch synthetically fragranced perfume, support your chakras and smell fabulous with Kate's Magik Divine Scents. This collection of roll-on perfumes isn't hiding the dozens (sometimes even hundreds) of unsavory chemicals often crouching behind the term "fragrance." Each heavenly aroma is created solely from a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils and handcrafted with the mastery and intention of Kate's Reiki-certified team. They’re vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in bio-preserving violet glass bottles for superior quality. Empower yourself with seven scents for seven chakras, from Grounding to Expression, Ecstasy to Illumination, and more. And inspire everyone who wants to know what smells so divine!

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Shampoo Gets a Sustainability Boost With SunLeaf®

SunLeaf productsSustainability goals meet good hair days at SunLeaf! Lather up your skin and scalp with Sun Leaf’s Shampoo & Body Soap Bars—delivering a delightfully scented, moisturizing clean in a single, plastic-free product. Hand-crafted in Minnesota, they’re vegan, biodegradable, packaged in recycled paper, and made with pollinator-friendly ingredients and water-conserving practices. With eleven enticing essential oil-based aromas (including unscented) to choose from—Sun Leaf Shampoo & Soap Bars are equally suited to camping trips, carry-ons, and everyday hygiene routines. Excess plastic and toxic synthetic chemicals in personal care are out. Pure essential oil scents and plant-based, cruelty-free, water-friendly ingredients are IN—are you?

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Go Fragrance-Free and Planet Forward With The Unscented Company®

The Unscented Company productsHow much plastic can you cut out in a year? The Unscented Company saved 1,521,513 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream in 2023 and they invite you to join the effort! This women-owned brand's mission is straightforward and planet-focused—crafting home and body care staples with just the essential, naturally derived ingredients, and NO added scents or fragrances. Formulas are biodegradable within 28 days, certified cruelty-free, and designed to reduce plastic and water use with glass packaging options, refills, and solid alternatives. Keep household hygiene on-point with the Hand Soap, get silky smooth with the Hand and Body Lotion, and include the Soap Bar in all your far-flung adventures—there’s a refill waiting when you run out. Minimize your impact with The Unscented Co—it's a hygiene upgrade for you and the planet!


DERMA E—More Glow, Less Stress

DERMA E productsStress is an unavoidable fact of life, but stressed-out skin doesn’t need to be! The Derma E Pure Biome collection promotes balance and calm in overwhelmed complexions. And its powerhouse ingredients are like a celebrity lineup of the “People’s Choice Awards” but for skincare—starring plants. Think of free-radical scavenging, calming Cica (of K-Beauty fame) like the “Movie Performance of the Year,” while rejuvenating, skin-loving Niacinamide is the “People’s Icon,” and deeply-hydrating squalene is the “Action Star of the Year.” And those are just a sampling of the mega-star, plant-based ingredients powering Pure Biome products. Dermatologist Recommended, Cruelty-Free Certified, and 100% Vegan—the Pure Biome collection is the No-Stress Choice for bringing a happy, healthy glow to dry and hyper-sensitive complexions!

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Khadi™—for Hair Color Brilliance, Damage Not Included

Khadi productsCover your grays and say goodbye to damaged hair days with Khadi! It’s a 100% plant-based hair color and hair care line rooted in time-tested Ayurvedic beauty secrets. While chemical color penetrates your strands with harsh force, Khadi Natural Hair Color coats it with rich plant pigments, adding strength and shine and building more vibrancy with each use. Choose from a diverse color range spanning Blue Black to Medium Blonde,* and don’t neglect prep and care. Get color-ready with Khadi’s Detox Mask. Promote long-lasting brilliance with Color Care hair oil, and revitalize your strands with Vitality Grow, Strong Amla, and Rose Repair oils. Khadi—it’s for hair that begs the question—‘what’s your secret?’

*Khadi won’t lighten existing hair color. It will dye it the same color or darker and cover grays. Results vary based on hair prep, time used, and other factors.

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Get Clean, Smell Fabulous With Herban Cowboy®

Herban Cowboy productsWho is that guy that just walked by? He smells so woodsy and crisp, like the forest on an idyllic Sunday afternoon. His secret? Herban Cowboy, the Forest collection. It includes all the hygiene must-haves: bar soap, body wash, deodorant, and cologne. And its aromatic effectiveness is enhanced with essential oils and created without artificial colors, preservatives known to be toxic to human health, or aluminum. If you’re more of a night out than a day in the forest type—the subtly sophisticated essence of the Dusk collection is brimming with the mystery of the fading sun as night falls on the land. Most importantly, the Forest and Dusk collections aren’t limited to “that guy”—they’re created for anyone who adores vegan, cruelty-free personal care products, and smelling fantastic! Upgrade your signature scent with Herban Cowboy!

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Soften Your Skin and Delight Your Senses with Wild Carrot Herbals®

Wild Carrot Herbals productsBody Butter. Is there a more luxurious phrase in skincare? Pamper yourself with the botanically powered indulgence of the Wild Carrot Herbals body butter collection. Discover an uplifting moisturizing ritual in the clary sage and pink grapefruit aromas of the Citrus Sunrise Body Butter, featuring the softening, soothing trio of shea butter, coconut oil, and chamomile-infused olive oil. Awaken your senses with Cocoa Ginger, Wild Carrot’s richest, thickest moisturizer powered by cocoa butter and the warming stimulation of ginger. Get the whole-body glow-up with Rose Body Butter, boasting skin-nourishing rose hip seed oil and luxuriously scented with true Bulgarian rosa damascena oil. Wild Carrot is women-owned and handcrafted, made with the power of whole plants—not isolates. Wrap yourself in pure, skin-loving decadence.

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Oral Hygiene Routines Get Clean With Davids

Davids productsAre you dirtying your mouth to brighten your smile? Oral hygiene is non-negotiable, but the labels of mainstream toothpaste are often cluttered with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and other questionable chemicals. Davids premium toothpaste does things differently. It's fluoride-free and formulated to effectively remove plaque with naturally derived micro abrasives that polish and keep your pearly whites, white. With a supporting cast of potent, naturally sourced ingredients, like xylitol, to promote balance and freshness, all you must decide is what type of minty flavor is your favorite. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, US-made, with 98% of ingredients US-origin-sourced and packaged in non-BPA lined, recyclable aluminum tubes. Brush with Davids—the toothpaste that makes dazzling smiles and fresh breath happen naturally!

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Empower Your Beauty Routine With the Heritage Store®

Heritage Store productsCraving bold brows and lush lashes? Heritage Store Castor Serum Volumizing Treatment is for you! This formula combines black and organic castor oils to condition and nourish hair follicles. It’s boosted by an A-Team blend of vitamins and botanicals, including biotin and bamboo, to promote longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows. With the inclusion of a dual-tipped brush for easy application—it’s an effortless addition to your beauty routine. But don’t stop at lash and brow! The Heritage Store offers a selection of pure castor oils, including Black, and Organic, rich in beneficial fatty acids and minerals to nourish and hydrate you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. All Heritage Store castor oil formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and primed to illuminate your bold, beautiful self!

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Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Salve Is Made for Adventurers

Heritage Store Colloidal Silver SalveHeritage Store Colloidal Silver Soothing Skin Salve is a natural first aid kit essential! Colloidal silver possesses calming, balancing, and soothing properties, and it's combined with aloe vera and lavender water to bring serenity and hydration to dry, problem areas. With honey to soften and rejuvenate and vegetable glycerin to deliver extra hydration and lock in moisture—this potent formula brings joy back to the places your skin has experienced misadventures. It’s the season to start hitting the trails, finding your way to the water, or perhaps exploring your next National Park… Adventure smarter with Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Salve at your side.

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Level Up Your Skincare Routine With MadHippie

MadHippie productsSearching for your skincare “Holy Grail”? Meet Mad Hippie, whose glowing customers attest to finding it! The award-winning Vitamin C Serum invites all skin types to bask in its soft glow. It packs a triple antioxidant punch with a stable form of vitamin C alongside vitamin E and ferulic acid. The Corrective Peptide Serum, fueled by rejuvenating peptides, ceramides, and more powerful actives, is a “gravity-defying” gift for stressed and aging skin. The Antioxidant Facial Oil, containing over a dozen free-radical scavenging botanicals in a non-comedogenic argan oil base, is crafted to hydrate and nourish your lovely face in the presence of environmental stressors. Certified cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainably packaged—cut through the skincare clutter and find your Holy Grail with Mad Hippie!

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Is Your Sun Protection All Good?

All Good products“If it’s good enough for Nemo, it’s good enough for you”—that’s the All Good sunscreen mantra! Instead of toxic chemicals that your skin, coral reefs, and aquatic life absorb—All Good mineral-based sun protection uses non-nanoparticle zinc oxide as a non-absorbent sun-blocking barrier. Best of all, it delivers the same broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection as chemical sunscreens, using only reef and human-friendly ingredients! All Good also knows that different occasions require different applications and SPFs. That’s why they’ve created all the options, including Kids, Sport, and Facial. The brand is cruelty-free, climate-neutral certified, and women-owned, fueled by “badass lady power” and solar power, too. Water-resistant, non-greasy, and reef friendly—All Good delivers everything you, and Nemo, want in suncare!

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