Think Wisely - Earth Day

Welcome to Earth Month!

Happy Earth Month, neighbors! In its honor, we're highlighting products and brands weaving sustainability and regeneration into their daily details. May we all treat our daily choices like they matter for the future wellbeing of our people and our planet.

Gaia® Herbs—Supplements for a Healthier Future

Gaia® Herbs productsAt Gaia Herbs, the seeds of sustainability are sown in the rich, carbon-sequestering soils of the Gaia Herbs Farm in North Carolina. Here, they grow 20–40 species of herbs every year using organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices, which help offset the CO2 emissions of their operating facility through carbon sequestration on the farm. The farm is abundant with biodiversity, including pollinator-friendly plants for monarch butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. It’s been Certified Organic since 1997 with 270 acres (of 350) now Regenerative Organic Certified®. What Gaia can’t grow on its farm is ethically sourced from around the world. And with the brand’s unique traceability tool, Meet Your Herbs®, you can discover precisely what’s in every bottle, including where it’s sourced from, parts of the herb used, and quality testing results. Connect your herbal supplements to the soil where they started with Gaia Herbs!

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Regenerate Your Pantry with Wholesome

Wholesome™ productsGet sweet on the planet this Earth Month with Wholesome Regenerative Organic Certified Sugars! Their production helps build soil health, sequester carbon, and ensure the fair treatment of farm workers. The Regenerative Organic Certification was created to address soil degradation, biodiversity loss, factory farming, and other crises our planet faces, with the “highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.” The two varieties, Cane and Turbinado, are grown and harvested in South America and packed in 72% sugar cane-based bio-resin pouches. In addition to their regenerative certification, they’re also Fair Trade and Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. Connect your love for the planet with your sweetest cravings the Wholesome way!

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Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Almonds Are Nuts for Sustainability

Natural Grocers® Brand Organic AlmondsIn Japan, they love them chocolate-dipped. In France, they’re adored in pastries, while in Sweden, they symbolize good fortune. Here, in the U.S., where approximately 80% of the world’s almond supply is grown—let’s love them organic! Natural Grocers Brand Organic Bulk Almonds are sourced from a 2nd generation, women-owned and operated partner and pioneer of organic almond farming and processing. A Certified Bee Friendly Farmer, they are committed to building pollinator habitats and implementing healthy soil programs throughout their grower network. With onsite solar power and a lean manufacturing model at their processing facility, planet-loving practices define their approach to business. A resource hub for fellow farmers transitioning to organic, their commitment to organic standards supports healthier ecosystems and produces nutrient-dense almonds grown without synthetic chemicals for you. Get nutty about your food choices this Earth Day—go organic!

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“Reclaim the Legacy of Meat” With Force of Nature

Force of Nature ProductsCan burgers and hot dogs help combat climate change? Conventional wisdom thinks not. Force of Nature says join the “regenerative revolution,” starting with your next backyard cookout! Healthy grassland ecosystems are some of the most valuable on earth for capturing atmospheric carbon and storing it in the soil. But grasslands require “the symbiotic presence of grazing animals” to thrive, nurturing the soil with their hooves, stimulating root growth while grazing, and feeding soil biology with their waste. All Force of Nature beef and bison are pasture-raised and regeneratively sourced from ranchers practicing the 5 Principles of Soil Health and managing this harmonious relationship between animals and land. Most of these “land stewards” have scientific validation of their soil health improvements or are in the process of achieving it. Eat like every bite counts with Force of Nature!

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One Degree—Because We Should Know Our Farmers

One Degree products“Meet your farmer” in the cereal aisle with One Degree Organic Foods! This family brand is passionate about using certified organic, non GMO, plant-based ingredients to create deliciously clean foods and connecting you with the people who produce each one. It’s as simple as scanning the source code on your package! One Degree Granolas also stand out in the breakfast crowd because they’re certified gluten and glyphosate-free and made with sprouted oats to unlock nutrient density and support digestibility. With heavenly flavors like Honey Bergamot or Coconut Hibiscus, One Degree Organic Granola makes knowing where your food comes from something you’ll crave.

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Badger® Sunscreen—Powered by Sunshine

Badger productsSunscreen that’s not only reef safe but also solar-powered—if that’s not Earth Day goals, what is?! Check this box with Badger, the family-owned company crafting “powerfully pure” body care products with 100% solar energy—a choice that eliminates an estimated 636,000 pounds of carbon pollution yearly. But their sustainability commitments don’t stop there. They’ve diverted more than 90% (estimated) of their waste from landfills three years in a row and reduced their wastewater production by 84%+ (in 2020) as they work toward their zero-waste goal. Badger is also one of the first sunscreen manufacturers to achieve the Protect Land + Sea Certification on some of their products, verifying, through testing, that a sunscreen doesn’t contain substances considered harmful to coral reefs, sea turtles, and other aquatic life. Say yes to solar-powered daily SPF!

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Green Polly Equals Less Wasteful Waste®

Green Polly products“Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”—take care of the rest with Green Polly! This brand makes processing everyday waste more planet-friendly with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and a third party certification of authenticity. Durable kitchen trash bags, clear recycling bags, and pet waste rolls are crafted from materials made of plastic that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or elsewhere in the environment. Less than 10% of the 34 million tons of plastic we generate in the U.S. every year is recycled—let’s start changing that equation with our daily details. Live the Earth Day theme of “Planet vs Plastics” this April with Green Polly waste bags!

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Patagonia Provisions®—Because Food Choices Matter

Patagonia Provisions products"Eat like activists" with Patagonia Provisions this Earth Day! It's not a tall order when we're talking about Certified Organic Crackers—deliciously crisp, flavorful, and begging to be paired with your favorite cheese or dip. They're crafted with wheat regeneratively grown in Washington state, where it's also stone-ground into flour for more nutrient density and a shorter supply chain. Packaged in boxes made with 100% recycled fiber, these crackers incur 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than if produced with conventional practices! We all eat. So, gather your favorite toppings, pile up a platter of Margherita Pizza, Sourdough Sea Salt, or Rosemary Garlic Crackers, and eat like an activist.

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Barnana—It’s for Less Waste and More Taste

Barnana productsTake a bite out of food waste with Barnana! This brand upcycles imperfect-looking or too-ripe bananas and plantains into mouthwatering, sweet and salty snacks. Not only are they helping reduce food waste, but they’re also supporting small and indigenous family farmers in Latin America and promoting organic agriculture! Barnana pays 30% above market price for its fruit and assists farmers with achieving organic certification—helping triple the amount of certified organic farmland in its sourcing regions. Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, Barnana Chips, Scoops, and Crisps are a delightful upgrade to planet-friendly snacking!

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Sip to Support Organic Family Farmers with Vita Coco

Vita Coco productsMake sustainable rehydration a habit with Vita Coco Farmers Organic Coconut Water! Its organic production supports small family farmers in the Philippines, healthier soil, cleaner water, and more biodiversity! Its packaging materials are primarily plant-based, including sugarcane-based plastic caps, and it’s brought to you by a brand doing more good in the world through The Vita Coco Project®. In 2022, the Project (and its partners) trained 1,050 farmers in regenerative agriculture. They distributed 22,956 seedlings, including coconuts, cacao, bananas, and vanilla, to replace aging trees and promote intercropping to create more biodiverse and farmer-benefiting regenerative systems. Since the Project’s 2014 launch, participating farmers’ income has increased by 535% and counting! Ready to fuel you wherever your adventures lead—Vita Coco Farmers Organic is planet-loving refreshment at its best.

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Yogurt Gets a Promotion at Bellwether Farms™

Bellwether Farms productsIt's a best-in-snack winner, and it meets our best-in-class standard of pasture-based dairy—it's Bellwether Farms Yogurt!  If you think ‘yogurt is yogurt,’ one velvety spoonful of Bellwether will make you think twice! The difference starts with premium quality whole milk sourced from nearby dairies where animals happily graze on nutritious pasture grasses.  Crafted with the time-honored techniques of traditional yogurt making and small-batch excellence, Bellwether Sheep Milk and Organic Cow Milk Yogurts are finished with just a touch of ripe fruit and minimal sugar (for flavored varieties).    All the milk contains exclusively A-2 protein to support digestibility, compared to the A-1 protein common in dairy. And pasture-raised dairy positively impacts soil health, animal welfare, and the nutritional quality of your food. Next time you crave a nutritious, delicious snack—go best-in-class!

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Natural Factors®—Where Taking Care of the Planet Is the Only Way to Do Business

Natural Factors productsWhat do over 1,000 acres of certified organic farmland, a carbon-neutral company, and a vast selection of quality-verified supplements have in common? Natural Factors! When this brand says “seed to shelf,” they mean, in some cases, raw materials grown on Factors Farms® in British Columbia, an organic oasis completely isolated from industrial pollution. Farming in harmony with nature is the only acceptable practice here, where the topsoil is over seven feet deep in places! The farm uses only non-GMO heirloom seeds, cultivates natural pest control, and establishes wildlife and pollinator habitats among its many regenerative practices. When Natural Factors says carbon neutral, they mean through partnerships that inject low-carbon biodiesel into the Green Fuel supply, matching liter for liter the conventional fuel used by their fleet. They also mean supporting green energy community projects and measurable carbon offset projects. Natural Factors products are manufactured in-house and verified by Isura, the third-party seal of safety, purity, and potency testing. “Do all that you can do” for your health and the planet with this earth-loving brand!

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