Bell, INHC

Nutritional Health Coach
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Jayne has a B.S. degree from Texas Tech University. She started taking an interest in nutrition when her own weight ballooned to an all-time high of 220 pounds. Seeking the root cause of her weight gain, Jayne embarked on a 20-year journey that eventually led her to becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Since 2014, she's been coaching individuals in weight loss (using her own 80 lb. loss as an inspiration), food sensitivities, hormone support, and nutritional supplementation, all starting with a whole foods foundation.  Jayne most recently worked with a Functional Medicine doctor to motivate and support people to change their lifestyles and embark on their own health journey.  Her passion regarding the importance of food to the body drives her continual desire to empower others.  When not in the Natural Grocer's store, you can find Jayne dancing, singing, volunteering, or being with her greatest joys: her grand-babies.