You won’t find any paper or plastic bags at our registers when you checkout. It’s just one of the many ways we do our part towards environmental stewardship.

Natural Grocers is dedicated to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are some our green practices:

  • Bagless checkouts; no disposable plastic bags provided
  • BPA-free cash register tape
  • Only non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing products
  • Minimum sufficient packaging on Natural Grocers brand products
  • Recycling bulk food plastic bags
  • Recycling pallets and plastic pallet wrap
  • Recycling cardboard shipping containers
  • Public recycling centers supported at select stores
  • Sustainable non-toxic construction materials
  • Re-purposing existing buildings whenever possible
  • Low-watt recirculating fans
  • Super-efficient climate control systems
  • Lights off policies in offices
  • LED lighting where feasible
  • And of course, we sell only natural groceries and USDA Organic produce

Remember: Bring Your Own Bag!

Our stores take in hundreds of cardboard shipping boxes every day, which we make available to our customers to carry their groceries in. We also sell reusable bags at all of our stores; they are inexpensive and quite handy to have around. We encourage our customers to bring their own reusable bags as well. It’s all part of an initiative we launched company-wide on Earth Day 2009 to help limit the number of plastic bags piling up in landfills.

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