Deanna Frances aka Chef Booya D

In 2002 after being overweight and over prescribed Deanna decided it was time to stop allowing doctors to practice medicine on her body and take matters into her own hands. With over fifteen years of self-experimenting using food as fuel and at times medicine, she is a true Health Practioner, practicing healthy living. Three years ago she left her position as Regional Wellness Director for a large insurance agency to create her own Nutrition Coaching business.  She was thrilled to help others reach optimal health by creating custom meal plans and showing clients how to minimize processed food consumption. In 2016 she shifted her focus to demonstrating simple, convenient and delicious plant based cooking. Deanna thinks that getting creative in the kitchen, fumbling, failing, winning and sampling as she goes is as fun as it gets.

Events By Deanna Frances aka Chef Booya D

Nutrition Seminar
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Come and learn how to make healthy dessert options with superfood ingredients! In this class you’ll learn how to make sweet treats that have superfood powers. Join us for a bit of nutrition education and a fun cooking demo! This class is appropriate for all dietary styles  

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