Family Values



It’s a New Year, full of old clichés about change, but what if changing just one thing could matter in a big way? What if committing to one simple concept opened up possibilities you never imagined, because you felt better than you’ve ever felt before? What if it all starts with your grocery list and ends at your dinner table?

Our parents’ own personal journey to better health by way of better food showed us firsthand how changing your diet can change your life. It’s the reason we’re here after all.

The evidence sits on the shelves of our stores, in the quality products that have made a difference for so many people, and in our customers that have stories to tell about the impact a high-quality diet has had on their lives. The beauty of it is in its simplicity. You don’t need fancy gadgets or tools to commit to changing your diet; it only takes a few tweaks to your grocery list and making sure that where you shop has your best interests at heart.

We think these are good places to make those first tweaks:

Nix the sugar

It’s bad for your heart, your brain, your gut, not to mention your teeth. Sugar doesn’t contain a single essential nutrient, but the damage this empty calorie can do over time takes a lot more than a single nutrient to reverse. Sugar needs to go.

Buy organic

Studies have shown that organic produce contains higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of heavy metals. It is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, which studies indicate results in no residues on your produce and a healthier ecosystem. Organic agriculture regenerates and nourishes the soil, resulting in healthier plants that are more nutrient dense, which translates into richer nutrient density at the dinner table.

If meat and dairy are your thing, go clean

Choose naturally raised meat and pasture-based dairy to keep hormones and antibiotics out of your food, choose it for the humane treatment of animals, and choose it to support environmentally sustainable farming methods.

Our family passionately believes that diet is the most important aspect of nutrition. We’re committed to having the highest product standards so that you won’t find anything on our shelves that shouldn’t be on your table. We have Nutritional Health Coaches on staff at every store, available for free health-coaching sessions to help guide you along the way to creating your own best grocery list. We also have Always Affordable Prices because our New Year’s resolution has always been to make sure that healthy food is accessible to everyone.

Family Values

P.S. Some of our family favorites when we need a tasty snack are organic roasted and salted pistachios, opal apples, smoked canned oysters, Kalamata olive snack packs, and for a sweet treat without the added sugar, our own bulk unsweetened dried mango. Delicious and nutritious!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

The Isely Family