Letter From the Iselys - August 2022

Dear Neighbors, Crew, and that calico cat peeking through the window:

Happy August! Have you heard? We’re having a birthday party, and you’re all invited! It’s been 67 years since Margaret and Philip Isely went door-to-door in Golden, Colorado educating their neighbors about nutrition. And here we are, 162-plus stores later, still committed to our founding mission. So, naturally, we’re in the mood to celebrate. But it’s not the how or the what we want to acknowledge as we stroll back through the years—it’s the WHO!


Natural Grocers 67th Anniversary


When our parents (and parents-in-law and grandparents) opened their store in Lakewood, Colorado, it was in a house in the neighborhood, and everyone who came through the door was treated like a friend. The smell of herbs and spices filled the air, punctuated by the sound of laughter shared between folks. People lined up to talk to Margaret about nutrition and, we suspect, just to connect with someone who genuinely cared. Time has taken us a long way from that first cottage, but we hope you know that this is what Natural Grocers is still about at its core. We’re a neighborhood grocery store where Nutrition Education, healthy food, and planet-prioritizing practices are the air we live and breathe, and you’re the reason why!

Integrity, dedication, creativity—good4uSM Crew, we’re talking about you! Your grit, good cheer, and diverse perspectives infuse Natural Grocers® with purpose and passion. Some of you have been with us for years, and others are brand new, but all of you are why we’re still here, on a mission to empower healthier people and a healthier planet. Thank you!

And fi nally, to the woman who is the reason we choose August to celebrate another year in business, Margaret Isely.And finally, to the woman who is the reason we choose August to celebrate another year in business, Margaret Isely. It’s been a while since that summer day you were born, but time hasn’t erased your influence. It’s woven throughout everything we stand for at Natural Grocers: your penchant for chocolate, for speaking your mind, for birthday celebrations… your deep-rooted conviction about the empowerment of Nutrition Education, your commitment to taking care of everyone around you and the planet, and so much more continue to make an impact. Thank you for living the things you believed!

The Isely Family