Letter From the Isely's - January 2021

I always get to where I am going by walking away from where I have been.” —Winnie the Pooh

Isely Letter January Featured Image

Happy New Year, Neighbors! We hope this January finds you well and as enthusiastic about walking away from 2020 as we are. Shall we raise our glasses (of celery juice) in a toast to 2021?


May we fill our plates, not with too many obligations, but with grass-fed meats, butter and fresh fruits and veggies—and may they always be organic, for our kiddos and the planet.


May we keep our menu as fun as our streaming watch list and try a healthy new recipe each week. May we make knowing our vitamin D levels the hippest trend in town, and may we power our workouts with real food, welcome back olive oil to keep our diets heart healthy and focus on managing our blood sugar so that we stay healthy now and into the future.


May we be in-the-know about supplements (hint-hint, the Foundational Five!) and smarter spending, because taking charge of our health should be Always AffordableSM. May we manage stress by making time for ourselves, connecting with community, and finding value in simplicity. May we be kind to our immune systems, building them up, not tearing them down. May we reach out to the nutritional coaching experts for help in planting our roots in health, nurturing them with knowledge, watering them with consistency, and may we be empowered as we watch them bloom.


And finally, may we discover moments of inspiration when we see each other (over the tops of our masks), at the park, on the trail, and in the aisles of Natural Grocers, knowing we are in this together. Are you ready for a reset, neighbors? Let’s walk into 2021 prepared to take on its unique challenges and strengthened by healthy resolutions we can keep, come rain or shine. Here’s to being rooted in health together!


We’ll see you soon, and in the meantime, enjoy a bit more wisdom from childhood’s most loveable bear:


“When all else fails, take a nap.” —The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh