Think Wisely - May 2019

If you're thinking about the mundane task of writing your next grocery list, how about doing a little light reading first? Allow us to introduce you to "Think Wisely"—a narrative about the stuff you may want to include in your next snack, or brunch, or "welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket... Every product has a story to tell, and we're having a blast finding some fun ones to share with you.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and make that grocery list something you look forward to.

cashews_think_wisely_mayIt's a Next-Level Cashew, Thank You!

It’s time to go nuts, especially at our impress-the-neighbors price of $5.79/6oz bag

We’re nuts about cashews—so soft, creamy and satisfying. Now, we’re taking our healthy obsession next level, because we’ve gone and dipped our cashews in dark chocolate and rolled them in cocoa powder for the tastiest finish! They’re gracing our bulk refrigerators, in certified organic, non-GMO style, waiting to join in on your next adventure. Whether it’s trekking the Pacific Coast Trail, the Himalayas or the stepPacificr mom’s house—we know that you’re going to want these along. You’ll also want them at your desk, in your pantry and as a housewarming gift for that new neighbor you hope to impress. Roasted in small batches with a dash of salt, before being coated in decadence, they’re fresh. They’re clean. They’re delectable. They come from a company who prioritizes the same stuff we do, like organic certifications and fair-trade ingredients. So, what are you waiting for?

truffles_think_wisely_mayThe Secret Life of Truffles

When you choose Alter Eco, you’re choosing purposeful indulgence. Now you can share it too, with their new 3-pack truffles at the dreamy price of $2.19/ea.

One bite and you’re hooked. Is it the silky smooth of the chocolate shell? Is it the moment your teeth sink into that velvety center? Is it the Salted Caramel, the Mint Crème or the Sea Salt that recurs in your dreams? Alter Eco Truffles are the kind of treat that never disappoints, and they’re transformational in ways that such decadence rarely is. They’re a company on a mission to defy complacency for the sake of the planet, and sourcing their cacao from farmer-owned, small-scale cooperatives is just the beginning. They go beyond their fair-trade certification, engaging directly with farming communities to support social justice and environmental regeneration. Partnering with large-scale reforestation projects, pioneering a compostable, non-GMO candy wrapper and pursuing Regenerative Organic Certification are some of the ways they seek to give more to the planet than they take from it. Each truffle is created with a commitment to your health, using sustainably farmed coconut oil instead of emulsifiers, and gluten-free, organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. .

nada_moo_think_wisely_mayHow Do You Nada Moo?

Nada Moo says they’ve been uniting dairy free and dairy lovers since this thing started.  In 2019, we can all use a scoop of common ground, and you can grab yours at our feelgood prices of $5.89/16oz. 

It was 2004. Facebook was about to change the world. The sitcom, Friends, broke hearts with the airing of its final season. The Boston Red Sox gave us hope, after winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. However, if you’re a lover of sweet indulgences, the real defining moment of 2004 was the birth of Nada Moo! It’s a non-dairy frozen dessert with an ice-cream kind of texture that’s entirely plant-based. How is such magic possible? Organic, fair-trade coconut milk delivers creamy perfection, then it steps back and lets each flavor take over. Further proof of awesomeness is that it’s certified organic, gluten-free and family owned! From Snickerdoodle Dough to the Rockiest Road, you’ll find a pint for everyone in your crew because as Nada Moo says, they’ve been uniting dairy free and dairy lovers since this thing started.

graziers_yogurt_think_wisely_mayHave You Tried It For Dessert?

Dip in with our dessert-worthy prices of .89/6oz and $2.79/24 oz.

In Turkey, they eat it plain with dinner, in France, they eat it for dessert, and in China, they would rather drink it. At Natural Grocers, we like it thick and luscious, with cream on top, and the only way we’ll take it is pasture-based. We’re talking yogurt. Yogurt. Dessert—kinda rhymes, but humor us anyway and discover Graziers™ while you’re at it. Why? Because this yogurt gets its creaminess from the milk of cows that spend at least 300 days a year on pasture, enjoying that famous California sunshine. It results in nutrient-enriched soil, more omega-3s and CLA, plus happier, healthier cows. It also puts extra flavor in every spoonful of the pure, non-homogenized goodness that is Graziers Yogurt. With your favorite berry varieties—plus vanilla, lemon and plain—it’s just waiting for you to decide how you like it best.

protein_bar_think_wisely_mayKeto On the Go

Picking a favorite is going to be tough. With only 2 grams of sugar per bar, it’s a snack changer, especially at this game-changing deal: $2.25/ea. 1.34 oz. bar. 

You’ve been living your best, healthy life: Keto, paleo, fill-in-the-blank. You’re feeling great—no regrets! Except for those times when the struggle gets real, like catching a flight, missing your lunch break or needing something quick to beat that afternoon lag. Clean, delicious, on-the-go snacks—the kind you could make at home if you only had the time—are hard to come by, especially when you’re counting macros. Luckily, Primal Kitchen® is ahead of the curve and has just the bar to fill those empty snacking spaces. Created with nourishing protein and fats from cage-free eggs, coconut, flaxseeds and nuts, these keto and paleo-friendly protein bars are here to make your active lifestyle that much easier, and more appetizing. Picking a favorite is going to be tough when you have a trio of flavors like Peanut Butter, Coconut Lime, and Almond Spice tempting your taste buds.

straws_think_wiselyReinventing Straws for the Love of the Planet

We’ve got all your future kid parties covered, with our fun, friendly price of $2.75/box. 

It’s your kid’s birthday, and you’re expecting a backyard invasion of 3rd graders. You have everything prepped for happy chaos—the children arrive, and it's all going smoothly. Suddenly, you hear a thirsty young voice at your elbow asking, “where are the straws?” You can’t believe you forgot the straws, and then you can, because these days we’re all trying to forget the straws given the serious problem of single-use plastics. Repurpose is a step ahead; they’ve created a straw with all the flexibility of the traditional plastic one, and none of the petroleum-based inputs. Combining plant-based materials and the genius of eco-technology, they’ve made straws that are 100% compostable and designed to break down in an industrial composter within 180 days. Although backyard composting systems won’t have the same effect, Repurpose straws WILL eventually break down, wherever they are disposed of, unlike the toxic “immortality” of plastic straws. Plus, it takes 65% less C02 to produce these game changers, here to re-shape the future of sipping. Durable and heat resistant, they don’t lack anything but the plastic! Go ahead and stash some in your car, at the office and wherever else a straw may be needed. We’ve got all your future kid parties covered, with our fun, friendly price of $2.75/box.