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An Exclusive 4-Week Class Series to Reset Your Metabolism


Whatever your New Year’s resolution, Keto Reset is here to help. Join our Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCSM) for a journey into Mark Sisson's Keto Reset Diet book & discover the key-tones to transform your life.


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Please note:

  • Not all stores are able to conduct the Keto Reset series due to NHC unavailability. 
  • All 4 classes are designed to be taken as a complete series.
  • Classes are open to the public. First come, first seated, so come early to grab a seat


The Keto Reset series is not being offered at all locations.

If you're unable to attend the series, please check out these keto resources: 

Read "Welcome to the Keto Diet" | Watch Mark Sisson’s Keto Class | Schedule a Coaching Session


An overview of each class can be found below.


Watch the full-length video: Mark Sisson's Keto Reset Presentation


4 Week Keto Reset Class Overview

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Keto Reset: Week 1: Intro to Keto & Metabolism Reset

Eating a ketogenic diet may be one of the greatest nutritional breakthroughs of our time. Going keto is all the rage, but the diet is laden with conflicting ideas, disastrous oversimplification, and misinformation. We’ll dive into this trend and start off by retraining our metabolism to use fat for energy, feel great, and support a healthy weight!


Keto Reset: Week 2: Living a Keto-Friendly Lifestyle

It’s not just a diet, it’s a way of life! Delve into the importance of exercise, sleep, stress management, and SMART goals to launch into keto success.


Keto Reset: Week 3: Launch into Keto!

Take a deep dive into ketogenic eating and learn all the tips and tricks for keto success. We’ll cover the basics including keto meal plans, key food groups, and macronutrient ratios so you can do it butter with keto!


Keto Reset: Week 4: Surefire Keto Hacks

Learn the nitty gritty details and how to navigate obstacles along your keto journey. We will discuss the top three keto hacks, as well as ideas for eating out and traveling.

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