PaleOMG's Thai Watermelon Salad


I made this recipe entirely from produce and products I found at Natural Grocers! In case you didn’t know, right now watermelon, carrots, celery, cucumber, garlic, radishes and fresh herbs are all in season! That means its time to load up on any and all produce to make huge fruit and veggie salads! Then all you need is a little dressing to go on top. This time around, I created a Thai-style dressing to go on top, since I’ve been craving Asian flavors lately!

– Juli Bauer, PaleOMG

Natural Grocers BLT Salad

This recipe takes the classic BLT sandwich and turns it on its head. All of the BLT flavors you love, plus some, but without the bread! It’s super easy to make, and the bacon, lettuce, and tomato combined with fresh avocado and hard-boiled eggs make this salad deliciously satisfying, and filling too!