We Support

Unrestricted Access to Nutrition Information

We support your right to have unrestricted access to nutrition and health information, and we strongly oppose any legislation that would limit the practice of nutrition to only one kind of health professional. You should have the ability to seek nutrition guidance from a variety of qualified sources to help you make informed choices that will support your personal wellbeing.

Sustainable Food Production and Regenerative Agriculture

We support food producers who practice regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture methods enhance the health of our land, air, and water, while providing the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods for human consumption.

Access to Dietary Supplements

We support your access to dietary supplements.  We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality dietary supplements at our stores.  Tens of millions of Americans safely use dietary supplements every year and we believe our right to access dietary supplements should be protected.

Your Right to Know: GMO

We support your right to know the source of ingredients in your food. Since the release of GMOs into the food supply in 1994, numerous questions have arisen as to their safety for human consumption and their impact on the health of the soil and environment. The impact of increased use of herbicides, driven by GMO cultivation, on human health, and on the health of soil and the environment is particularly concerning.

Truth in Labeling

We support truth in labeling. Truth in labeling means ensuring that products are labeled honestly and clearly to provide sufficient information so that you can make informed buying decisions.  This includes  transparency and clear labeling for supplements, organic and non-GMO foods and clearly identifying products produced with responsible land management methods.


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