Nutrition News

Posted 01/26/17

Hack Your Morning Coffee Routine for Energy and Focus

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN and Karen Falbo In Tibet, you’re likely to observe people drinking butter tea as a staple food throughout the day. Traditionally made by churning black tea, yak butter, yak milk and salt together, it tends to be somewhat of an acquired taste. But this tea...

Posted 12/21/16

Have the Holidays Derailed Your Digestion?

by Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD We’re in the middle of the holiday season and it’s a time of celebration, happiness and togetherness, but also a time where people often indulge and happen to suffer a little digestive discomfort. Top that with the fact that you are likely eating foods that you...

Posted 12/14/16

7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Mood

by Lani Jacobs-Banner About a month ago I noticed the first festive lights go up in my neighborhood and I realized that the holidays were right around the corner. In the coming weeks, our relaxed family weekends would be replaced with events and parties, and the overscheduled, emotionally demanding season...

Posted 07/20/15

What is a Calorie?

By Trevor Bennion A Calorie … the number we assign to food that tells us how much we’re supposed to eat in a day, right? Well, at least that’s how our dieting culture has defined a Calorie. But in reality, it is a bit trickier to quantify than that. You...