Dirty Little Secret

There is a moovement taking place at Thousand Hills™ Lifetime Grazed® 100% Grass-Fed Beef. Their cattle ranching kicks some serious grass while setting the 100% grass-fed, gold-star standard. But there’s a dirty little secret within current “grass-fed” product labeling.

Matt Maier, owner and Chief Grass Farmer at Thousand Hills, explains that the USDA only requires regulation around the cattle’s diet, not around how the cattle are raised, or if the cattle even must be raised on pasture.

Calling bull on the loophole and being true to consumers’ belief that a grass-fed label means raised and finished on pasture, Thousand Hills has adopted what they call a “Know Your No’s” approach to their cattle ranching. No grain, no grain by-products, no GMOs, no animal confinement, no antibiotics, and no artificial hormones—for the entire life of the animal.