Regenerative Renegades™

“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Finding a solution to combat climate change must include a change in our conventional agricultural system from one that depletes our soil to one that regenerates it. We must move away from our current soil-eroding, industrial farming practices, and, instead, return the animals to the land in a managed way to improve soil health and sequester CO2. Dig into the research and the collective consciousness behind a unique group of ranchers that make up the resilient, regenerative, renegade way at Thousand Hills. By working with nature and not against it, they have found a renewed joy in farming and a method that renews the land and our planet’s health. Regenerative Renegades gives us a clear choice when choosing beef—through our consumer dollars, we can choose to continue down the path of depletion, or we can support agriculture that regenerates the land, combats climate change, and improves our economic vitality.