Dear Summertime

Dear Summertime,


Your sunshiny personality is precisely the thing we need right now, since as you may have heard, we had a falling out with your usually gracious sibling, Spring. We know things are going to be different with you too, but still, Summertime, we're so happy to see you!


Isely Letter June

Yes, we understand that you're not going to be about far-away vacations and big potluck gatherings this year, but thinking of your leisurely warmth still makes us grin. Our taste buds are tingling for the sweet treats you show up with, like that first bite of a perfectly ripe strawberry, or a firm, juicy cherry. As for cold watermelon, on an afternoon in June—we can't wait! Best of all, we'll take your fruity bounty organic, because we know that taking care of the planet makes you sweeter, Summertime. Plus, it's healthier for our kiddos and our neighbors, and we think it's more flavorful too!


We love your adventurous spirit and we don't have to go far to indulge your wandering whims. A backyard barbeque, a dig in the garden, an evening stroll—adventures await, whenever we feel inspired by your warm-weather charm. We're thinking about all sorts of culinary daring we can pull off on the grill—a cauliflower steak, or a bison burger, may just fit the bill. We love that sensation of bare toes in the soil, that moment of triumph after planting a seed, the magic of lying on our backs to watch the clouds floating by. And when the sun is about to lay down for the day, we hear you calling, telling us to grab the pup, grab the roomie, grab our nearest and dearest (who live under the same roof), and step outside to say goodnight.


Now we can’t say goodbye, without a shout-out to the guy who has all the best (cheesy) jokes! Sometimes he’s the grill master and sometimes a disaster, but we love him just the same. And, Summertime, he’s a big reason we know how much fun you can be. Happy Dad’s Day, everyone! We wish you all the positive vibes this June!