Father's Day Think Wisely

In honor of the Man of the Month—please enjoy this edition of Think Wisely focused on products and brands perfect for loving on Dad, on healthy, delicious living, and on the planet. Happy Father’s Day!

Natural Grocers Brand Electrolytes—Distinct as Dad

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If Dad is a straight-to-the-point type, a quality aficionado, or an endurance athlete—he’ll want to know about Natural Grocers Brand Electrolytes! These formulas stand out from the crowd with three simple ingredients—magnesium, potassium, and pure, trace-mineral rich sodium, undiluted by any additional sweeteners or flavorings. The Electrolyte Powder features Redmond’s Real Salt®, which is unrefined, packed with 60+ trace minerals, and sourced from Utah’s ancient seabeds—uncontaminated by modern pollutants. It’s easily mixed with water or a favorite beverage and conveniently promotes all-day hydration. Our Electrolyte Capsules are made with Himalayan pink salt and loaded with trace minerals—an excellent fit for anyone with a less salty preference in terms of taste. U.S.-made in a third-party GMP-certified facility, these formulas are designed to support hydration, exercise performance, healthy nerve and muscle function, and pH balance. Dad won’t “sweat the small stuff” when he has Natural Grocers Brand Electrolytes!

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Natural Grocers Brand Fruit & Veggie Gummies—for When Salad Doesn’t Suffice

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For the dads who love a simple solution to an everyday problem and the ones who don’t relish a salad as much as you wish they did—Natural Grocers Brand Fruit & Veggie Gummies are a must-have. Even with the best intentions, consuming the optimal daily intake of fresh plant foods can be challenging. This is why our gummies are loaded with 16 different fruits, veggies, and sprouts! They’re vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, made with natural and organic colors, flavors, and a dash of organic sweeteners for a simple, crave-able solution to increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption. And they’re Dad’s best excuse for not doubling down on broccoli!

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Lone Deodorant—a Natural Deo as Bold as Dad

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“Rises to the challenge.” “Hardworking.” “Means what he says.” That sounds like Dad to us! It also sounds like Bold Deodorant by Lone Bodycare, brought to you by the brand that's been changing the reputation of natural deodorants since 2008. "Mind blown, and "the solution" are just a few ways happy customers have described its effectiveness, which happens without aluminum, baking soda, triclosan, or synthetic fragrances. Instead, the minerals in Lone's proprietary blend of Dead Sea Salts balance the underarm environment for all-day odor neutralization. It comes in three straightforward styles, Citrus, Mint and Unscent, crafted for smooth application and scented only with organic essential oils. Made in small batches by a family-owned business, Lone was started by one hardworking dad for all the rest—get Pops to go Bold this Father's Day!

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Freestyle® Diapers—Bringing Planet-Loving Change to the Changing Table

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Daddies on diaper duty need Freestyle! The absorbent core of most diapers is made with wood pulp, to the tune of 1 billion trees cut down every year. Freestyle Diapers dare to challenge this unsustainable status quo with BambooTek®! It’s a first of its kind in the U.S., crafted from 100% organic bamboo and 55% more absorbent than the leading brand. And, unlike trees, bamboo regrows in 60 days, using less water and helping sequester carbon in the process. Ultra soft on tender baby skin, chlorine-free, and made without toxic chemicals—Freestyle is also ECOCERT and Net Zero Plastic Waste certified. Introduce your favorite papas to a solution they’ll want to share with their friends because “diapers just caught a vibe.”

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Clean Cause®—A Better Kind of Energy Drink

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A man on a mission needs fuel—if that sounds like Dad to you, introduce him to Clean Cause this Father’s Day. Fruity, refreshing, and powered by 160 mg of “jitter-free” caffeine sourced from organic, Fair Trade yerba mate—it’s the pick-me-up a guy (or anyone) on the go needs. Most importantly, Clean Cause isn’t just a catchy name; 50% percent of its net profits (or 5% of net revenue—whichever is greater) fund “recovery housing,” supporting folks dealing with drug and alcohol addiction during the “critical gap between rehab and reintegration.” Find Pops the sip that suits, with non-carbonated or sparkling varieties, zero-calorie options, and loads of refreshing, fruity flavors. Clean Cause—it’s the purpose-driven way to energize.

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Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Snacks Are a Gift to the Tastebuds

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Whether dad is a backpacker or an all-day snacker, he’ll thank you for introducing his tastebuds to these Natural Grocers Brand Bulk favorites! Our Organic Dill Cashews deliver a pickle-y tang with a jalapeno kick on the side for a dill-iciously memorable mouthful! Dry-roasted in small batches for crunchy perfection and extreme freshness, they’re also Certified Fair Trade. Next, enter our Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, dry-roasted and coated with organic soy sauce, garlic, and a dash of cayenne. The result? Bite after bite of salty, spicy, don’t-wanna-stop-eating-them goodness. Give Dad a taste of how much you care this Father’s Day with the dynamic duo of Natural Grocers Brand Dill Cashews and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds.

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Dip Into Extraordinary Flavor with Ithaca Hummus

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“It’s not easy being the best…”—if that reminds you of Pops, turn him onto the culinary delight of Ithaca Hummus! “Minimal ingredients. Maximum flavor” is Ithaca’s motto. And upon first dip, you can taste the “NOT store-bought” difference! Certified glyphosate-residue free and non-GMO project Verified—every batch is made with the finest, fresh ingredients and no junk additives. It’s cold-crafted to retain its distinctive flavors, which range from Everything Bagel and Buffalo Ranch to Lemon Beet and many more. Now grab Pop’s favorite pita chips, crackers, or carrot sticks and indulge him with the best dip on the block!

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Repurpose® the Single-Use Mindset

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If Dad’s the type whose motto is—"do more with less”—how about “more party, less landfill?” This is Repurpose, the brand that decided “single-use doesn’t need to be trash.” Repurpose makes certified compostable essentials, like plates, cups, straws, and trash bags, by upcycling renewable materials, such as corn, sugar cane, and wood pulp, that often end up as waste in other manufacturing processes. And they do it while generating 80% fewer CO2 emissions, and using up to 60% less water and 52% less energy than it takes to produce plastics. It’s a whole lot more, with less—tell Dad as you serve up a Father’s Day dessert on a Repurpose plate!

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Dad’s an OG—He Needs Honey Stinger, the OG of Energy Waffles

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For the performance-focused Pops, the marathoner, the mountain climber, or the one whose sweet tooth is as big as his heart—Honey Stinger Waffles are IT! "The original energy waffle" is nutritionally engineered with energy-sustaining carbs and nutrients to help athletes prepare and perform at their peak. Certified Organic, non-GMO, and dairy-free, the honey-based filling sandwiched between two waffle cookies is an exceptionally delicious way to break records. Just ask the over 1,500 pro and college teams who fuel up with Honey Stinger products! Give Pops the treat to energize him through the Father's Day festivities, and grab one for your sweet self, too!

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“I Scream, You Scream…” Make Dad Scream for Better Ice Cream with Alden’s

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"In life and ice cream, what you leave out is just as important as what you put in." If that sounds like a Dad sentiment, introduce him to its source—Alden's Organic® ice cream treats! This brand leaves out unnecessary ingredients, including high fructose corn syrup, artificial anything, and carrageenan. It doesn't need questionable additives to create its "irresistible, true-to-flavor" taste and variety, which includes gluten and dairy-free selections! Every creamy bite is certified organic and non-GMO, made with the milk of pasture-grazed cows or premium quality, non-dairy alternatives. Celebrate Dad with Alden's Organic because sometimes life's sweetest moments can depend on what you leave out!

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Applegate Naturals®: Coming in Hot for Busy Mornings

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What does an on-the-go Papa need? Applegate Naturals Frittata Bites, of course! Packed with protein and deliciousness, these savory morsels are made for busy mornings and are equally terrific for filling the afternoon hunger gap during a long workday or playdate. Crafted with Certified Humane eggs, pork, and chicken (depending on the flavor)—there are two to choose from, depending on whether the mood is more cheese and bacon or chicken sausage and spinach. Zero chemical nitrates or nitrites are involved in making Papa’s new favorite protein-powered snack, and NO artificial additives, or GMOs to weigh down the ingredient list. It’s just cheesy, easy flavor ready to fuel anyone through busy times. Father’s Day brunch may require a homemade omelet, but for every other day—introduce him to Applegate Frittata Bites. He won’t “meat” better!

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Uplevel Papa’s Personal Care Routine with Barrel and Oak

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Pamper the papas in your life with Barrel and Oak this Father’s Day! These grooming essentials are made for “the modern man”—earthy, outdoorsy, and sophisticated all at once. With a solution for every step of his personal care routine, from face wash to shampoo, exfoliating soap to shave cream—function, effectiveness, and bold, long-lasting scents define the line. The essential-oil-enhanced natural fragrances, like Bourbon Cedar, Black Oak, and Mountain Sage, will wrap him in their take-on-the-world aromatics—energized for his next adventure, whether it’s heading to the climbing gym or climbing Mt Everest. Vegan, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, phthalates, or SLS, Barrel and Oak is the grooming collection that knows what a Papa wants and delivers without compromising ingredient quality or effectiveness

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Charcutnuvo the Grill this Father’s Day

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Pops is undoubtedly a “GOAT” (greatest of all time)—to you at least, right? Introduce his tastebuds to Charcutnuvo—whose mission is to be the “GOAT” of natural and organic sausage! Charcutnuvo brings four generations of expertise to the art of sausage-making, and they produce, smoke, package, and ship their extensive line of meaty goodness out of their Denver, Colorado facility—never outsourcing a step of the process. Most importantly, they use only the best ingredients and nothing unnecessary—not even sugar!* They partner with US family ranchers to procure premium quality grass-fed and finished beef, as well as sustainably and humanely raised pork and chicken, and offer a wide variety of certified organic products. Tell Pops about the GOAT of organic sausage, then get him to the grill and let the sizzling deliciousness do the rest of the talking!

*limited exceptions apply

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