Father's Day Think Wisely

Welcome to June, the month when all roads lead to—Father’s Day! For the dads in your life and the guys who are just extra special—we’ve rounded up products that are sure to please (and a few jokes at dad’s expense, too).

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What’s as Awesome as Dad? Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza!Alex's Awesome Sourdough Pizza

Pizza is a man’s best friend, isn’t that what they say? Maybe not, but when you’ve experienced Alex’s Awesome Sourdough pizzas—it fits! Hand-stretched crusts, gut-friendly, organic ingredients, killer flavor, and they go from freezer to dinner-is-served in less than 15 minutes. The difference begins with sourdough—a slow-fermentation process that breaks down gluten proteins over time, yielding a more digestible, nutrient-rich, crispy crust. Topped with ingredients like grass-fed cheese and housemade sunflower pesto—every bite is awesomely delicious. So, hey—give dad the gift he can give back this Father’s Day!


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Honey Stinger Because Fatherhood Is an Endurance SportHoney Stinger

Cycling, hiking, dad-ing—all of these activities require Honey Stinger® Waffles. Inspired by European snacks and professional cyclists’ hacks— they enhance performance with instant and long-lasting energy. A delightful combo of honey, sandwiched between two thin waffle style wafers, the recipe is based on research showing that the right mix of carbs, instead of a single source, delivers better results for endurance athletes. Certified Organic, with gluten-free options—grab a handful and introduce the man of the hour (yes, dad) to his new favorite fuel!


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Forager Is for FathersForager Ice Cream

Where do a plant-based diet and an old-fashioned creamery meet? At the Forager® Project! Rooted in a mission for bettering the planet—this alt-dairy brand is committed to sustainable sourcing, organic ingredients, and made-from scratch deliciousness. Hand-harvested cashews grown with minimal water, create the base of the creamiest, can’t-believe it’s-not-dairy milk, yogurts, and sour cream. And, now the treat Forager® fans have been waiting for—Cashewmilk Ice Cream, is in a Natty G’s near you! If you really want to impress dad—serve him a scoop between two of his fave cookies.


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Rao’s: Homemade Taste—Ready in HasteRao's Lasagna

Want: homemade flavor. Need: time. Must-have: clean ingredients. Rao’s Homemade® frozen entrees check all three boxes. The Rao family’s mastery of authentic Italian flavor is revered in fine-dining establishments from New York City to Los Angeles. Now, you can enjoy it surrounded by the comforts of home. From Chicken Parmesan to Penne Alla Vodka, Rao’s® entrees are made with wholesome ingredients, like Italian tomatoes and Olive Oil, and nothing artificial. Plus, their motto sounds like something dad would say: “Delicious speaks for itself!” Buon Appetito!


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Power Up Pops with Premium ProteinFatty Sticks

A delicious, high-protein snack on-the-go for an always adventuring man on-the-go— dads need FATTY’s! These meat sticks, by Sweetwood Smokehouse, feature premium grass-fed beef, pork raised without antibiotics, and twice the protein of other brands. They’re slow-smoked using real Hickory wood, Paleo friendly, and known to inspire cravings for the fresh Colorado mountain air where Sweetwood is headquartered. FATTY’s are the easiest way to show dad how much you care—about his health, his taste buds, and the energy he’ll need for Father’s Day fun.


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Cheesy Is for Dad’s DayCheese Puffs

What’s as cheesy as dad jokes and a lot more satisfying? Barbara’s® Cheese Puffs! Made with real aged cheddar and blue cheeses— there aren’t any artificial colors or flavors interrupting their genuine deliciousness! Crunchy, classic, and gluten-free—they’re the clean answer to dirty snack cravings, and they demand to be included in your Father’s Day plans. Share a bag or two with Dad—he’ll stop with the bad puns, as long as his mouth is full.


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Herban Cowboy: What A Man CravesHerban Cowboy

Smell fresh like the Forest or mysterious like Dusk. Smell like a man who knows what’s good and what isn’t—for his health and the planet. Herban Cowboy® brings uncompromising quality to a man’s daily hygiene routine, with all the essentials from body wash to cologne to aluminum-free deodorant. PETA Certified Cruelty-free and made in the USA—they’re created without parabens, phthalates, dyes, or triclosan. So, choose the Father’s Day gift that shows you know what a man craves—smelling good doesn’t need to sacrifice doing good.


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A Cup O’ Culinary Bliss for The Dad On Your ListBellwether Farms Yogurt

Ordinary food—extraordinary moments of culinary bliss; that’s what Bellwether Farms® Creamery does for yogurt! In the lush, coastal hills of California, happy sheep graze, and a family passionate about their craft transforms the milk into this award-winning yogurt. Rich in A2 protein content, known to be more digestible for the lactose-sensitive, they’re finished with minimal sugar, ripe fruit, vanilla beans, or nothing at all. (Plain is delicious in dressings and dips). Whether they sweeten your Father’s Day breakfast-in-bed tray or elevate your Dad’s Day appetizers— Bellwether Farms yogurt will transform the ordinary. 


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Party for The Planet with Repurpose®Repurpose plates

Backyard cookouts, pool parties, picnics—they’re the definition of summertime fun, but they usually include one of these caveats: massive cleanup or wasteful guilt. Not with Repurpose! This Certified Compostable tableware brand is made from plants—featuring upcycled ingredients like sugarcane pulp, saved from post-industrial waste heaps. Most importantly, Repurpose plates hold up to a juicy pile of bbq thanks to their bio-based, grease-resistant coating! They’re the first compostable tableware brand to debut a non-toxic alternative to the PFAS coatings (think Teflon) commonly used to make grease-resistant disposables. And, they’re precisely the kind of thing dad’s going to want at Father’s Day festivities—because who likes washing dishes? Not dad. 


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Dads Need Natural Factors® BioticsNatural Factors Biotics

Gut. Brain. Immune System. You’ve heard about the connections between your gut microbiome and better health, and you’ve heard about supporting it with probiotics. But there are so many formulas—which to choose; when to use? Here are three that make it simple: Natural Factors Relief Biotic™, Calm Biotic™, and Travel Biotic™. Each formula features extensively studied, scientifically validated bacterial strains—ideally suited for their stated purpose. They’re shelf-stable and naturally (stomach) acid-resistant, meaning they arrive in your intestinal tract intact. And, you can take them together if you wish— they don’t compete against each other; they just keep working to support you. Third-Party Certified, with guaranteed potency through the expiration date— Natural Factors® Biotics do what they say they will, just like dad taught you to do! 


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Natural Grocers™ Brand Supplements— Because We’ve Got Dad’s BackNatural Grocers Brand Supplements

He’s been defending you since you were too tiny to remember—now it’s your turn. Support dad’s built-in defense team—his immune system, with Natural Grocers Brand Zinc & Quercetin! Zinc is crucial for proper immune function, actively used by cells to fight infection, and it influences the communication and activity of critical immune cells. Quercetin boosts zinc’s cellular uptake and has also been shown to have direct anti-viral action against multiple fl u strains, partly by blocking viral entry and replication in cells. Together, Zinc & Quercetin are a strategic combination of immune supporting MVPs—precisely why we paired them in one straightforward formula. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified and U.S.-made—Natural Grocers Brand Supplements are time-tested and family-vouched for; ready to take care of dad just like he’s always taken care of you!


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