Letter From the Isely's - Ladybug Love

Ladybug love song

Now she’s helping the Natural Grocers’ family spread the message about our passion for ecology. This April, we’re celebrating Earth Day by taking climate action in our own backyards and our neighborhood playgrounds and parks. We’re turning Ladybug Love into a movement to transform our public spaces into cleaner, safer, toxin-free zones.


When we ask you to take our fourth annual Ladybug Love Pledge this month, we’re asking you to help forge a partnership built on science, strengthened by public advocacy, and rooted in the values we all share. Let’s reduce pesticide exposure and eliminate fertilizer pollution in our communities. Let’s build healthy soils that capture carbon, hold water, and help plants bloom into luscious, toxin-free landscapes for curious toddlers to explore. Let’s support pollinator habitats and biodiversity right here in our own neighborhoods. 


Together we can make this Earth Day, and every day, count toward a more resilient future, because that’s what Ladybug Love is all about. It’s a movement to ensure that our insect friends don’t vanish, our food supply doesn’t diminish, and the next generation has a planet to inhabit. Join our family this April, as we partner with Beyond Pesticides and you, to make our lady in her polka-dotted cape your neighborhood superhero.


It’s time to spread the Ladybug Love.