Think Wisely - November 2019

If you're thinking about the mundane task of writing your next grocery list, how about doing a little light reading first? Allow us to introduce you to "Think Wisely"—a narrative about the stuff you may want to include in your next snack, or brunch, or "welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket... Every product has a story to tell, and we're having a blast finding some fun ones to share with you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and make that grocery list something you look forward to.

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Himalaya Curcumin Complete

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Himalaya Curcumin


A crackling fire this time of year equals perfection—you just want to curl up near it and dream. What you DON’T want is a fire inside your joints, disrupting your sleep and leaving you curled up in pain. Inflammation is NOT on our holiday to-do list, but a supplement designed to support healthy joints and keep the fi re in its place is. Curcumin Complete by Himalaya combines Ayurvedic herbs with well-documented, anti-inflammatory effects for precisely this purpose. A clinical strength extract of turmeric, along with Boswellia, guggul, and greater galangal, support flexibility and mobility, promoting circulation around muscles and joints. For Himalaya, quality is a “seed to shelf” venture. They work directly with farmers to craft sustainably harvested, pesticide-free botanicals, controlling every step of the process, and testing for purity, efficacy, and consistency throughout. Since 1930, they’ve been making Ayurvedic supplements backed by scientific research and produced with the highest standards of good manufacturing. So, go ahead—curl up by the fire and dream, because Curcumin Complete has your back!


Keep Calm and Get Your Magnesium On!Magnesium

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Three-hundred biochemical reactions—that’s what magnesium means to our bodies, but almost 70% of us may not be getting enough. It’s crucial for energy production, central nervous system function, and cardiovascular health, and that’s just for starters. So, when Trace Minerals Research created a simple, tasty way to get more magnesium—we said yes, PLEASE! It’s fizzy, fruity and fun, delivered in easy to absorb, effervescent tablets. They’re conveniently packaged to fit in your purse, briefcase, or backpack, and go with you anywhere. Need a calming break in your busy schedule? A “nightcap” to maximize restful sleep? It’s as painless as a glass of water and comes in your flavor of choice: Raspberry or Orange. They’re gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and brought to you by a company that’s been a trusted leader in mineral supplements for over 40 years. Trace Minerals Research is GMP certified, quality-verified and here to make sure you’re not one of the 70% missing out on the incredible benefits of magnesium.


Root Yourself in Wellness

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As the first magical snowfall blankets the Kansas countryside, one family farm harbors a secret. In these icy fields, the real magic happens beneath the earth where alfalfa, wheat, and barley grasses grow. Throughout the winter months, their roots reach deeper into the most nutrient-rich levels of soil. When spring comes, the green grasses push toward the sunshine, packed with minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients thanks to their slow growth during the cold season. Once they’ve reached peak nutrient density, just the vibrant tips are harvested and immediately dehydrated to preserve their nutritional treasure. This is the story of Amazing Grass—an effortless, organic, and non-GMO way to green your routine even in the dead of winter. But, that’s not the end of the story. One special powder, Organic Grass & Shrooms (by Amazing Grass), is like a Christmas bonus combining nutrient-dense grasses with the immune-supporting power of mushrooms, including reishi, shitake and turkey tail. Whip it into superfood snack balls, add it to your morning smoothie, (or even hot chocolate), and stay rooted in wellness all winter long. Our price of $11.99 is too good to keep secret. P.S. It’s also gluten free!


The Legend of Risotto

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The fabled story of the first risotto involves a glassblower's apprentice, a wedding, and saffron. The apprentice loved saffron so much he used it to add a touch of gold to everything, including the stained-glass windows he was crafting. At his wedding to the glassblower's daughter, his friends thought it would be hilarious to add saffron to the creamy rice dish being served, but the joke was on them. The golden rice was so delicious that guests couldn't get enough, and the legend of risotto alla Milanese was born! Although history cannot pin down such folklore as fact, this much is true: Risotto is a dish worthy of any celebration, and whatever recipe you choose— Natural Grocers Brand White Arborio Rice will make it legendary! Organic and non-GMO, it's eco-farmed in California's Sacramento Valley, where the rice fields provide habitat for thousands of waterfowl traveling the "Pacific Flyway." It pairs well with squash and cheese and lends itself just as delectably to a honeyed pot of rice pudding. But, if you want to create a dish that will upstage itself in the family folklore, just remember to add a dash of saffron!


Rock Star Culture Meets Family Tradition!Nancy's Oat milk Yogurt

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It was the summer of 1972 when the Grateful Dead saved yogurt! Twenty thousand people descended on the tiny town of Veneta, Oregon, clutching tickets printed on Nancy’s Yogurt labels. The band was playing music to benefit their friends at the Springfield Creamery (makers of Nancy’s), and that concert helped the creamery continue being rock stars of the growing natural foods scene. Today, Nancy’s brand is better than ever and here to benefit your taste buds and your gut! Their distinction has always been of culture—a culture of family, of quality, and of the live probiotics they add to their products. The tart, creamy texture and flavor Nancy’s is known for, happens naturally through their traditional culturing process, and without the use of gelatins or thickeners. The billions of probiotics in every serving happens intentionally, with a variety of strains to deliver a range of benefits. Plus, the goodness doesn’t stop with yogurt—they have an extended family of cultured dairy essentials and some vegan ones too. Deliciously nostalgic, and deliberately nutritious—it’s time to let Nancy’s rock your world! P.S. Our prices will always benefit your budget.


Once Upon A Chocolate ChipNGB Chocolate Chips

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Once upon a time in Pennsylvania, a fourth-grade class and a senator proposed some delicious legislation—they wanted to make Chocolate Chip the official state cookie! We think it should have been a unanimous vote, but the House of Representatives disagreed, preferring the plain old Sugar Cookie instead. To this day, it appears unresolved, and Pennsylvania tragically remains without a state treat, but we believe this legislative debacle could have been avoided. How? If the class had served their Congress a platter of cookies made with Natural Grocers Brand Chocolate Chips! Because they’re not only that delicious, they’re also produced with values a fourth-grader would appreciate. Our chocolate chips are certified organic and made with 100% Fair Trade cocoa from Peru and sugar from Paraguay, which means they benefit farmers, their kids, and the planet. With a handful of ingredients and a lot of chocolate intensity, they make the best candies, cookies, sauces, and ganache. Semisweet or Bittersweet—it’s the season to make Natural Grocers Brand Chocolate Chips official in your pantry!


The Taste of Adventure

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Natural Grocers Seventh Heaven Trail Mix

Let's count the reasons you're going to want Natural Grocers Brand Trail Mixes handy this winter. Oh, wait—we don't have space for them all, but how does organic, non-GMO, and out-of-this-world flavor sound for starters? So, what's in a handful? Dark chocolate, tangy cranberries, crunchy coconut and almonds for a mouthful of bliss we call Seventh Heaven. When you come back to earth, you can head straight for an island paradise with one bite of our Tropical Fruit and Nut Mix. Sun-dried pineapple pairs sweetly with walnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and coconut chips, and it's ready to party. Our snacks are so deliciously energizing that you'll be making up adventures just to take them on. Like moonlight snowshoeing, backcountry skiing or hosting a game night so you can share them with your friends—we know how it goes. It's why we have them at the fun-filled sale price of $5.29 a bag. See you adventuring! P.S. We keep them refrigerated so they’re always fresh.


A Cause for Candy

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Project 7 Candy


If you ever imagined a moment when satisfying your sweet tooth was something you should do for the greater good—you're in luck! It's called Project 7—a company that exists to change the world by creating enchantingly delicious candy. They're founded on a commitment to making an impact in seven areas of need around the globe. That means millions of trees planted and millions of meals and clean water provided. It means anti-bullying programs, malaria treatments, disaster-relief housing, and education. It means that if you ever needed a reason for candy— you now have seven because every purchase makes you a part of this mission. There are other reasons too. Gummies in flavors like Champagne Dreams (non-alcoholic) are so delightful you can't keep them to yourself. Clean treats made with organic sweeteners, natural colors, nonGMO ingredients, and NO artificial junk. Do good the sweetest way you've ever imagined!


For the Conscious Omnivore

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Central Grazing Lamb


Food is the great connector. It anchors us in moments of shared pleasure, connecting us to our past, our future, and our values. Still, it’s a rare dish that makes these connections as palpable as one featuring lamb from Central Grazing Company. Their philosophy is a return to the past— before confinement feeding operations, depleted soil, and a broken food system. It’s rooted in re-shaping the future through practices that regenerate soil, restore prairies, and revive our planet. Above all, Central Grazing Company is defined by values that let animals lead their lives on peaceful pastures, treated with the highest standards of animal welfare. Packed with the clean, rich flavor only pasture grazing can produce—this ground lamb and stew meat will connect you with your next culinary moment. Stew Meat EDAP $13.99. Ground Lamp EDAP $10.95 P.S. It comes with a seal of transparency—produced by independent Midwestern farms that are Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grass-fed by AGW (A Greener World).


Better Than Beef

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Fossil Farms Yak and Ostrich


We can’t tell you how many snowflakes make a snowball, or who will win the next Super Bowl. But here’s what we know: if you don’t have the “new” red meat on your menu, you’re missing out! We’re talking about yak and ostrich— juicy, flavorful meat packed with that tender, “beefy” richness but leaner than chicken. We’re also talking about Fossil Farms, a company ready to wake up your taste buds with healthier, more sustainable options. They source from small family farms, (including their own), where animals are raised on pasture and never given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. Their ground yak and ostrich can do anything beef can do, but better—with more protein, less fat and all the fl avor! So, make that next pot of chili with yak, as Fossil Farms says—“you’ll never go back.” YAK EDAP $14.29. Ostrich EDAP $12.79


Punchbowl Secrets

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Health-Aid Kombucha


It’s almost time for holiday festivities, and we have one urgent question: is your beverage game on point? Everybody needs a go-to ingredient for mocktails and mixers, which is why you need Health-Ade kombucha in your bag of tricks. These brews were a sell-out hit when they first started at the farmer’s market, and if you’ve tasted them, you understand. Now in demand nationwide, they’re still hand-crafted in small batches, traditionally fermented in 2.5-gallon glass jars, and they never rush the process. Did we mention they’re certified gluten free, raw, and organic? Infused with cold-pressed flavor from organic fruits, veggies, and spices, they come in imaginative combinations like Bubbly Rose, Tropical Punch, and Jalapeno Kiwi Cucumber. Plus, they have an extra-special party flavor, only available this time of year. It’s called Holiday Cheer, a blend of chocolate and spice that will make you feel as happy inside as Cindy Lou Who. Crisp, refreshing, probiotic—the only thing Health-Ade lacks is you!