Think Wisely - Organic Month

Happy Organic Month, Neighbors!

This Think Wisely is all about discovering new products and revisiting old favorites, but they all have this in common—they’re Certified Organic. Because, for the love of our health, our soil, biodiversity, and the planet’s future—we support organic.

Because “Clean” Should Mean CLEAN!

Natural Grocers Brand Household ProductsHouse cleaning is dirty work these days—and we don’t mean literally. So many cleaning products contain a murky mix of chemicals that nobody needs to make the place shine. But when Natural Grocers Brand Organic Household Cleaning Products are on the job—parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, ammonia, and other harsh additives are fired! These hard working essentials are Certified Organic, vegan, naturally fragranced, and many are packaged in bottles made more sus tainably from sugar cane. With a solution for every grimy task, from laundry to pet stains—when you have Natural Grocers Brand Cleaning Products, you don’t sweat the details! We’ve done that for you.

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Snack Alert in the Natural Grocers® Brand Bulk Aisle

Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Organic Dill CashewsWhen one of our favorite spices met one of our favorite nuts—it was a match made in snacker’s paradise—say hello to Natural Grocers Brand Organic Dill Cashews! The enchantment begins with Fair Trade cashews, dry roasted to their best creamy crunch, and wrapped in a spice blend anchored in fresh-ground dill. Add the extra zest of garlic, jalapeno, black pepper, and other spices, along with the flavor-illumi nating magic of sea salt… are you drooling yet? Head to the refriger ated section of your nearest Natural Grocers bulk aisle to snag a bag because we keep our nutty snacks FRESH. See you there, wink, wink!

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Organic is for the WHOLE Family with Tender & True®

Tender and True productsDo you feed your family organic food? With Tender & True® dog and cat food—you can do the same for your furry family, too! These selections are USDA Certified Organic, meaning they’re held to the same standards as human organic food, including no artificial additives, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or toxic pesti cides. Tender & True was also the first Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Certified humanely raised pet food to market, and remains the only full line with this distinction! With simple ingredient lists and many grain-free options, this brand is pioneering a “certifiably better” standard for your fur babies. And, it’s sure to leave those tails wagging in delight.

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White Leaf Provisions—Where Purity Is Principle

White Leaf Provisions productsThere’s clean ingredient baby food, and then there’s White Leaf Provisions! It’s the only Certified Gly phosate Residue Free, shelf-stable baby food brand! And, it’s also Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic, which means the entire supply chain, from orchard and farm to processing and packaging, must meet stringent standards that protect the integrity of the food and the planet. Added sugar, salt, artificial ingredients, and GMOs are all unmentionables for White Leaf Biodynamic® Baby Food—because its flavor is “directed by seasons, not by additives.” And, while “baby” is the namesake for these delicious selections, the whole family will be raiding the pantry for a White Leaf snack because food this pure tastes THAT good!

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“Awaken your Taste Buds” with Death Wish Coffee®

 Death Wish Coffee Co productsTry a cuppa joe so bold and smooth it’s been known to convert coffee haters! Death Wish Coffee Co® goes where few roasters dare—combining not one coffee bean—but two! Arabica is the sought-after type, loved for its complex range of flavors. But it’s also lower in caffeine and more vulnerable to climate change than its hardier counterpart—robusta. So, Death Wish saw what the coffee crowd had been missing—a brew featuring arabica and robusta delivers the best of both worlds! Extra caffeinated, deliciously strong, but never bitter—Death Wish Coffee is also Certified Organic and Fair Trade! Are you bold enough to try a cup?

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Seven Teas—“Always Real Brewed,” Zero Shortcuts

Seven Teas productsSail away on a thirst-quenching adventure with Seven Teas! From India’s Himalayan foothills to China’s coastal mountains or the hillsides of Honshu, Japan— each bottle features “Always Real Brewed” tea sourced from its native land. Seven Teas uses no tea extracts, concentrates, or other substitutes for the traditional steeping of whole tea leaves. Just mineral-rich moun tain spring water and the sacred brewing traditions “The Brew Bros” (the brand’s founders and real-life brothers) have learned from their travels to where each tea is grown. Certified Organic and infused with botan icals and fruits—Seven Teas has a refreshment to suit every craving. It’s the perfect beverage for a flavorful escape and for fueling you through the back-to-school season!

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Hilary’s—Where “Free From” Doesn’t Mean Flavor-Less

Hilary’s productsOnce upon a time, in a Kansas burger joint, “The World’s Best” veggie burger came to be! And Hilary’s, the brand it inspired, hits the spot—whether you’re a meatless eater or an omnivore looking for a delicious way to consume more veggies! Best of all—these plant-based burgers and sausages are free from the top 12 common food allergens! Certified Organic* and Non-GMO Project Verified*—just toss them in the air fryer or crisp them on the stovetop with a dash of healthy oil. Then create your own “once upon a time…” culinary adventure with Hilary’s—veggie burgers so tasty even non-vegans love them!
*Certification may vary by flavor

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Spread Happiness to your Tastebuds with Crofter’s

Crofter’s productsToast called, and it needs you to get it out of a jam—with Crofter’s Organic® Fruit Spread! This family brand, perfecting its craft since 1989, is all about fruit. They know the perfect varietal and the just-right small farm to source it from for every delightful flavor. And, they don’t rely on excess sugar for deliciousness—Crofter’s Spreads have 33% less sugar than peanut butter’s more traditional BFFs (i.e., preserves, jam, or jelly)! Not only is it Certified Organic—the raw materials are also tested to verify the absence of 415-plus pesticides! Try a spoonful straight from the jar—it’s how every great Crofter’s story begins!

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Maggie’s Organics—Socks That Care

Maggie’s Organics productsHow dirty are your socks? Are they made with cotton—the “world’s dirtiest crop”? It’s gained this distinction because more insecticides (by percentage of land use) are dumped on it than any other major crop! This is why Maggie’s® Organics makes footwear cleaner than the rest, even when it’s in your dirty clothes bin! Maggie’s Socks use 100% organic cotton or wool fibers (depending on style) and are colored with low impact dyes, meeting the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). And everyone throughout Maggie’s supply chain, from the farmer in Tanzania to the knitter in North Carolina, is treated according to the brand’s principles of “Real Fair Trade.” Now, who’s ready to clean up their sock drawer?

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Sambazon® Acai Bowls—On-the-Go Breakfast Magic

Sambazon productsWho’s been ignoring açaí bowls? Because you may want to think again. Here’s a brand with a whole list of reasons to pay attention to this fruity phenomenon! Sambazon Açaí Bowls are Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and jamming with acai’s nutritional gifts—antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and naturally low in sugar. After the deliciousness is extracted for your benefit, Sambazon donates the açaí seeds that would otherwise be wasted—to be turned into energy! Caring for sustainability every step of the way—the bowl itself is made of 100% plant fiber from recycled paper. Just thaw, sprinkle with the included granola, and delight in the Sambazon Açaí Bowl decadence!

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Bionaturae™—Because Every Drop of Sauce Counts

Bionaturae productsDo you know the difference between pasta that absorbs its sauce and the kind that lets the flavor slip away? Bionaturae does! It’s crafted by Italian artisans who have been making pasta for generations; it’s dried slow and low and features freshly milled, Italian-grown wheat (for some varieties). But, while all these things make Bionaturae Organic Pasta exceptional—traditional bronze dies (instead of Teflon) create its sauce-loving texture! Because Bionaturae knows that authentic Italian flavor is crafted in the details! Serve it at your next dinner party, and don’t be surprised when your guests demand to know the difference!

P.S.—Bionaturae has gluten-free pasta, too, crafted in a dedicated facility with the same Italian artisanry!

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Flora Red Beet Crystals for the Win!

Flora Organic Red Beet CrystalsUp your game, love on your heart, and support your healthy brain with Flora Organic Red Beet Crystals! Beets are an excellent source of dietary nitrates, which the body can convert into nitric oxide (NO). Among its many functions, NO relaxes blood vessel cells, promoting blood flow and supporting healthy cardiovascular function. It also supports blood flow to the brain’s pre-frontal cortex, which is vital for cognitive health as we age. And, it helps muscles use less oxygen and operate more effciently—studies have shown that beet juice improves athletic performance across various activities, which is attributed to its NO-boosting capability. Now, with Flora Red Beet Crystals, you get the NO boosting benefits of beets without all the work of juicing. Vacuum-dried from the juice of freshly harvested beets—they retain all the plant’s active constituents. Just add the naturally sweet deliciousness to your next smoothie and go. It’s game time!

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