Think Wisely - September 2022

Celebrate Organic Month with some of these great products in this edition of Think Wisely.

A Saucy Snack

Natural Grocers Brand Organic ApplesauceIt’s hard to find a food that says “after school snack” as sweetly as Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Applesauce! Bursting with fresh from the orchard flavor, it’s undiluted by sugar or other additives. And it’s kind to the planet, too because it’s produced with zero apple waste and made by partners supporting local growers transitioning to organic. When you sprinkle a Natural Grocers Brand Snack Pack on top, you have what we call the perfect solution to after-school hunger pains!

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Balanced Brews for Thirsty Brains

Natural Grocers Brand Organic KombuchaIt’s rumored that kombucha dates back as far as the Qin Dynasty, in 221 BC, which makes us wonder—is the original SCOBY still around? Jokes aside, Natural Grocers Brand Kombucha has its own original take on this fermented drink. A smoothly balanced brew—it’s raw, pure, and tangy, with less of that vinegary taste that ‘booch-haters hate. And its delicate flavor is enhanced with botanicals like lavender, hibiscus, and ginger. An ancient drink reimagined in delicious style seems like the perfect tonic to pair with studying, right?

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Beef up Your Brain

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Beef JerkyBack to school requires plenty of brain fuel, like protein! This macro delivers essential amino acids the body uses for neurotransmitter synthesis, which is vital for optimal brain function. Enter Natural Grocers® Brand Beef Jerky—an excellent source of savory, grab-and-go protein. It’s Certified Organic and made with 100% grass-fed beef from Uruguay, where hormones and antibiotics are never used. It has no added nitrates or artificial additives either—just naturally-derived deliciousness. Fill up on this good4u fuel before heading back to school!

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Smooth(ie) Out School Mornings

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Frozen FruitNatural Grocers Brand Frozen Fruit is to smoothies like Bob Ross is to “happy little trees”—essential! And smoothies, in our experience, are a crowd-pleasing staple for busy school mornings and late-night study sessions. Certified Organic, unsweetened, and jamming with nutrients like vitamin C and free radical scavengers; pineapple, mango, berries, and cherries are bursting with flavorful opportunities. Added bonus—our producing partner supports a program that helps plant trees, which makes us and the planet happy!

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A Pie Fit for Royalty

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Wood Fired PizzaTreat the kids to a delicious cultural history lesson with this Natural Grocers Brand specialty—Neapolitan Style Frozen Pizzas made in Italy. As you serve a freshly baked Margherita Pizza, tell them it’s reportedly named after a queen! Some say the traveling Queen Margherita and her husband were bored of fancy French food when they visited Naples, Italy, in 1889, so they asked for the city’s specialty: pizza. The queen’s favorite was topped with basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, and ever since it’s been called the Margherita. Our Certified Organic pizzas are hand stretched and wood-fired—a simple, weeknight meal solution with flavor fit for a queen.

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A Nutty No-Brainer

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Snack Packs‘Twas the night before school started, and the backpacks were stuffed with books and back-to-school supplies. But we suspect something was missing—Natural Grocers Brand Snack Packs! A 2017 study, which included pistachios, cashews, and almonds (all featured in our Snack Packs), found that regular consumption of nuts strengthens brainwave frequencies, including those associated with memory and learning. And that makes these Certified Organic nuts, seeds, and trail mixes, in backpack-friendly sizes—a no-brainer!

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Get a Loaf of This Crowd Pleaser

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Sprouted Sliced BreadThe world’s largest sandwich (made in Michigan) weighs 5,440 pounds, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. And rumor has it that in 2008 another country was trying to beat that record, but the hungry crowd of spectators ate the sandwich before they could weigh it! When you make sandwiches with Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Sprouted Bread—they won’t break records for size. But they will satisfy a hungry crowd of kids with their just-right texture and nutty, whole-grain flavor!

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Better Than Candy and Better for Your Family

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Dried MangoTeach your kids their nutritional A, B, and C’s when you include anything mango in their lunch boxes! This candy-like fruit contains vitamin A, B6, and vitamin C. And in our Bulk Department, you’ll find three no-mess, Certified Organic Natural Grocers Brand selections to satisfy a child-sized sweet tooth in short order. We suggest a family taste-off between Coconut Mango Pomegranate Chews, Chili Lime Mango, and the long-time fan-fave—unsweetened Dried Mango. We’re guessing you’ll come to one conclusion—you need all three.

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The Origin of Truffles

Natural Grocers Brand Organic TrufflesDust off your time-travel gear and take the kiddos on an imagination-fueled “field trip” to 19th and 20th century France. Your mission is to discover who first created the decadent, creamy ganache featured in Natural Grocers Brand Cocoa Dusted Truffes. Was it a last-minute Christmas business idea, as one story goes, or a happy accident, like another? Just remember to take these truffles along for the journey. They’re Certified Organic, made with Fair Trade Cocoa, and handcrafted in France— you’ll need them as your guide.

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Fueling Your Family One Chunk at a Time

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Chunks of Energy Physics’ simplest definition of energy is “the capacity for doing work.” In the Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Department, the simplest solution for those needing to do homework, parent work, and fill-in-the-blank work is—Chunks of Energy! Certified Organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and superfood ingredients like maca, honey, and chocolate (depending on the flavor) are pressed into delightful, bite-sized chunks. And they’re ready to invigorate busy students and parents throughout the school year.

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Power Through the Day

Natural Grocers Brand MCT PowderPerhaps if Ferris Bueller’s brain were fueled by medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)—he wouldn’t have taken the day off! Banter aside, hack your performance this school year with Natural Grocers Brand C8 MCT Powder! This unique formula boasts 100% pure C8, which is short for caprylic acid. As one of the most efficient MCTs, the liver can quickly convert C8 into energy, and it’s been shown to support a variety of outcomes, including healthy weight management and enhanced ketone production. Plus, ketones readily cross the blood-brain barrier, supplying a clean source of brain fuel. Everyone needs a day off, but Natural Grocers® Brand C8 is here to support you through the long haul when you can’t play hooky.*

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Make No Bones About It, K2 is One of a Kind

Natural Grocers Brand Vitamin K2 MK-7Who’s ready for a nutritional history lesson about vitamin K? This essential nutrient acquired its name because the Danish researcher who discovered it called it the “koagulations-vitamin” due to its role in normal blood coagulation. And voila—it’s been vitamin K ever since, with two primary forms identified: K1 & K2. The real star of this story, K2, supports the normal, healthy function of your bones and cardiovascular system by directing calcium from the bloodstream to the bones where it belongs. Pretty rad, right? Even better is this—Natural Grocers Brand Vitamin K2 MK-7 delivers one of the most bioavailable forms of K2! Don’t work yourself to the bone this school year, but do support your osseous (bone) issue.*

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