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Natural Grocers Launches New Broadcast TV Campaign to Advocate for Animal Welfare Standards and Organic, Sustainable Food Practices.

100% Free-Range Eggs

Learn more about Natural Grocers’ Free-Range Egg Standard


100% Pasture-Based Dairy

Learn more about Natural Grocers’ Dairy Standard


100% Organic Produce

Learn more about Natural Grocers’ Organic Produce Standard


It’s no secret that Natural Grocers has some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

As large-scale grocery chains go, we far exceed the conventional norm when it comes to quality standards.

With 100% organic produce, 100% free-range eggs, 100% pasture-based dairy and no artificial colors, flavors sweeteners and no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, we go above and beyond to protect customers from unfavorable additives and ingredients.

“When you buy a product you’re casting your vote for the system that created it,” said Kemper Isely, Natural Grocers’ Co-President. “In this campaign we are asking people to vote for the betterment of animal welfare, food that isn’t tainted with synthetic chemicals and farmers who use sustainable farming practices that support the future of our planet.”

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