Lutein is the foundational supplement your brain, skin, eyes, and a restful night’s sleep needs.

LuteinHelp your brain work smarter not harder with lutein. Lutein is a phytonutrient (Phyto for plant) that is stored in your brain, skin, and eyes, helping to support and maintain these vital organs. In fact, lutein is associated with how well your brain will age and is an important nutrient for brain function at every age. Want to support healthy, supple skin throughout your life span? Make sure to get enough lutein to promote healthy skin when spending time in the sun and help maintain skin elasticity and hydration. If you love using your blue light-emitting digital devices, give your eyes some TLC with lutein. Known as the eye vitamin, lutein absorbs blue light, supporting happy, healthy eyes, and reduces eye fatigue. It also supports quality sleep.