Marshall, AS, BS, CHC

Nutritional Health Coach
Robin Marshall
Bachelors of Science in Biology, Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant, Associates of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, Certified Health Coach
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Robin has worked in and around the healthcare and exercise science fields for years. She has a bachelor's degree in Biology and associate degrees in Physical Therapy and Medical Laboratory Technology. While working in the exercise field, Robin came to understand that about 80% of our health is determined by the types of food we feed our bodies. But having the knowledge of what to change for better health is not enough for most. So, to help support others through the process, Robin recently became a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. She has been working on healing her own body through better nutrition for years, making step–wise changes. She is eager to help support others who want to improve their health through their own dietary and lifestyle changes. In her spare time Robin helps her husband on their produce farm and she loves to try new ways to cook nutritious and delicious veggies. 
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