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Fish Oil - Negative Press


On September 12th 2012, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a meta-analysis of 20 human trials on fish oil and cardiovascular health. Their finding: fish oil supplements do not appear have any effect on heart attack, stroke or...

Posted 01/01/70

Heather Isely

Colloidal Mineral Controversy

Natural Grocers is selective when it comes to approving colloidal mineral products. Because colloidal minerals may contain high amounts of aluminum, we decided to have the aluminum content of the colloidal mineral products we carry tested. The following table lists the amounts of aluminum found in the colloidal mineral products that we will continue to carry. The amount of aluminum in these products is similar to what would be consumed when eating unprocessed foods. We are providing this information so that you can decide how much aluminum you want to ingest in your trace mineral supplement. Quantities of Aluminum Found...