Organic Month

10 Reasons Why Organic is Better4u!

  1. Listen for the buzz of biodiversity—five times more bumblebees were found on small organic farms in Sweden than large conventional ones.
  2. Earthworms have been called “ecosystem engineers” because of the valuable services they supply to the soil. Guess which apple orchard had 20 times more earthworms? The organic one!
  3. Birds are the best natural pest control! In Sweden, birds were twice as plentiful on small organic farms, and in the U.S—2.6 times more abundant in organic cornfields.
  4. Organic farms support more pollinators because organic management practices, including crop rotation and cover crops, cultivate a wider range of flowering plants—pollinator food!
  5. 161 different pesticides have been found in beehives—many pose a significant health risk to bees. Organic farming protects pollinators, reducing their exposure to toxic synthetic insecticides.

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