Check Acceptance & Other Payment Options

Check acceptance

We will accept your local check when presented with a valid in-state driver’s license or in-state government identification card.

Sorry, but we do not accept:

  1. Out-of-state checks*
  2. Temporary bank checks – customer name, address, and check number must be imprinted
  3. Third party checks
  4. Money orders
  5. Checks over the amount of purchase
  6. Checks without a phone number
  7. Traveler’s checks
  8. Checks over $500 without bank verification
  9. Company checks**

*Check with store manager in advance regarding out of state checks.
**Unless completed Check verification form is on file at this location.

We accept the following credit cards

Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, EBT.  Not all locations accept EBT cards with cash privileges. Please check with your local store.

We use electronic check clearing

Your paper bank check will be converted into an immediate electronic withdrawal from your checking account.  Return checks are subject to fees as posted in each store.

What happens if your check does not clear.

We will attempt to deposit your check at least one more time if there are insufficient funds. If it still does not clear, your name will be added to our internal bad check list until we receive the funds from you. In some instances, the check will be sent to an outside agency for collection, and the agency will associate your account with NSF check writing. If you have given us a check that did not clear, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for payment. We realize that bounced checks happen for all kinds of reasons; we will communicate with you kindly and cordially to help resolve the matter.

Erroneous credit card charges

Our account may appear on your credit card bill as Natural Grocers or Vitamin Cottage or a similar name. Please check to be sure that any suspect charge is not the result of confusion between names.

If you report to the card issuer that we charged you in error, we will receive a request from them to investigate the transaction. We will provide the requested information to the card issuer, who will contact you with a determination on the charge. Although our part takes only a day or two, the whole process can take several weeks. The card issuer may agree to suspend payment for the charge temporarily pending the outcome of the investigation.

Please be sure to let us know if you suspect a problem with your bill so we can begin our own investigation immediately.

Refunds on purchases made with checks

Refunds on check purchases, if within 30 days of original purchase, will be paid by a company check and will take 30 days to process. If over 30 days from original purchase and under $50.00, cash refunds may be given with valid ID.


These policies are provided online as a guide for our customers.  Posted in-store policies may prevail.  Please contact your local store manager with questions.

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