Dairy, Egg, and Meat Product Submissions

If you are a dairy/egg producer or manufacturer interested in pursuing the growing market for pasture-based and organic dairy products, as well as free-range eggs please review our Pasture-Based Dairy Standards, Free-Range Egg Standards, and Meat Standards. This will give you a good idea of what we are looking for.

Review Process

The New Products Approval Committee will evaluate your product(s) and the ingredients to ensure they pass our Pasture-Based Dairy Standards, Free-Range Egg Standards, and Meat Standards. Please review the list of Things We Won’t Carry and Why prior to submitting to Natural Grocers. If your products are in line with our quality standards, please follow the product submission button below.


We Will Contact You

Due to the overwhelming volume of new product submissions, we cannot guarantee you will receive a quick response. Please provide complete and accurate information to help expedite the review process. The New Items Specialist will communicate all approved and declined products to local brands individually and larger or regional brands via the New Items Monthly Report.


Some Other Important Information

Things We Won’t Carry and Why

Review our dynamic list of the most problematic ingredients that include explanations of why we won’t carry them.


Unless they are certified organic, if your ingredients include corn, canola, soy, beet sugar, etc., we will ask about a non-GMO certification because these crops are often genetically modified.