Non-Food Product Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting a non-food product to Natural Grocers!

We know your time is valuable; please read through the following information prior to submission.

1. Please review our standards for the specific applicable category:


2. Please thoroughly review our list of “Things We Won’t Carry and Why”

We are unable to consider any product that contains any listed ingredients for the specific category. Please note this list is constantly evolving; we reserve the right to decline products for ingredients not yet listed.


3. Please note: we are unable to consider products from multi-level marketing independent distributors.


4. Once above information has been reviewed, please send an email to [email protected] with the following introductory information:

  • Brand status: indicate if the brand is currently carried in our stores, or if the brand is a prospective new submission
  • Brand and product information: Tell us about yourself! Let us know your main brand and/or product highlights. What makes your products stand out in the marketplace? Why are these products an ideal fit for Natural Grocers’ customers?
Please note: 
Each brand must be submitted in a separate email. Multiple products from the same brand, in the same category, can be submitted together in one email. Multiple products from the same brand, in different categories, must be submitted separately. For example, a brand that offers both body care and supplement products must submit two emails: one for body care, and one for supplements.

If a brand would like to submit Food category products in addition to a Non-Food category submission, please see here for Food submission instructions. Products must be submitted in separate emails.