We are excited to introduce Gardenbox, a mind-blowing garden behind our store in Lakewood, Colorado (really, go look!) The outside looks like a shipping container, but inside a lot of magic is happening.  

An innovative vertical planting system allows us to maximize the use of that space and grow approximately 4,000 produce items a month. All the inputs are organic, and the produce is grown using water and organic-based nutrients, and given just the right amount of light to thrive.  You know what you won’t find inside – synthetic pesticides or other synthetic chemicals. One of the best parts is, we can grow year-round, no matter the weather outside and provide our community with the freshest, most locally grown greens around. And when we harvest the items, it takes just 82 steps (really, I counted) to get it on the shelf and in your hands– it’s almost as local as your back yard. You’ll notice that most items will also have their roots still on – this means the plants are still alive, which means it tastes better, and stays fresh longer!  Come by and check it out!

Stores Featuring GardenBox

More Coming Soon!