Hack Your Coffee with Natural Grocers® Brand Products

Wake up and smell the extra cup of coffee! Who can relate when the clock springs forward every March, and an hour of sleep vanishes in the night? It makes most of us feel like we need another cuppa just to get through Monday. But at Natural Grocers, we have a better way to Beat the Time Change Blues! Super-fuel your first mugful when you Hack Your Coffee with us this March! It’s deliciously easy, and all you need is a short list of these essentials and our handy tips:

  • Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coffee. Single origin or blend, whole bean or ground—there’s a Fair Trade Certified roast for every mug.
  • Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coconut Oil—Extra virgin & unrefined—it’s pure goodness.
  • Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coconut Milk. Because a dollop on top (after being chilled and whipped) is the kind of deliciousness you’ll want to keep enjoying long after you’ve banished the Time Change Blues.  



Put Some Spring in Your Step This Season With Gourmet Coffee Add-Ins

Four good4u℠ Coffee HacksFour good4u℠ Coffee Hacks

Hacking your morning coffee with butter and coconut oil will keep hunger at bay, reduce caffeine jitters, and provide sustained energy while intermittent fasting.