Letter From the Isely's - February 2021

We love because it's the only true adventure - Nikki Giovanni


Isely Letter Love

February—the month of frosty noses, early evenings, chocolate, and roses—you may be short, but you’re also a long list of things we love.


You’re a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to brighten the morning like a snowy sunrise brightens winter’s gray. You’re an after-school snack of pomegranate, juicy delight bursting from every ruby seed, as the sun’s sleepy rays turn the corner of the afternoon. You are tangerine aromas scenting the air, life decorated with pears, persimmons, kiwis, taste buds enchanted by their vanilla, candied tang.


You’re the delectably charred edges of roasted Brussel sprouts, making an early evening deliciously cozy. You’re collard greens with bacon, a spicy purple cabbage slaw, and adventures in kohlrabi. You’re the vibrant hues of a root veggie hash, beets and carrots, sweet potatoes, and turnips sizzling with garlic, black pepper, and Himalayan salt. Yes, February, you are sweet and savory!


Some days you’re the pure indulgence of chocolate—a truffle’s velvety center. You’re the smooth, creamy balance of a Belgian-style confection. At times, you’re filled with the familiarity of caramel. At others, your rose-tinted dusk tastes of ruby cacao with passion fruit, while your cold nights demand the robust flavor of the darkest bean-to-bar creation.


You’re a hot bath with a little something extra, like mineral salts and essential oils. You’re more time to pamper ourselves, because what better to do with a long winter evening? From facial masks to hair treatments, dry-brushing to body butter, frosty February nights should be lit by our glow from within.


You’re a piping cup of tea in the late afternoon when dusk is chatting it up with the moon. You’re a reading list that honors the many heart-twisting, thought-shaping contributions of African American authors, and you’re the promise that we should celebrate but never limit Black History Month to 28 days of the year.


You’re a lot to love, February, in a short amount of time, so we best get busy. As we set out to navigate your snowy days, your celebrations, and your can’t-wait-til-spring moments, may we be inspired by the wisdom of one of our great wordsmiths: “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” —Maya Angelou