Think Wisely - November 2021

Are you dreading holiday grocery shopping? Relax—your local Natural Grocers® makes it painless. We have everything you need to cater your Thanksgiving menu to any diet—keto, paleo, vegan, gluten free, or traditional—our shelves are packed with delicious, convenient, Always Affordable℠ selections. And, here’s the piece that truly makes  shopping with us less of a headache than other stores—we ONLY carry food made with ingredients that prioritize your health and a lighter environmental footprint. So, Think Wisely about your holiday grocery shopping this year—when you get everything at Natural Grocers, it’s almost as effortless as the post-Thanksgiving dinner nap.


Think Wisely - November 2021


Immaculate® Baking—deliciously simple

Immaculate Baking ProductsThanksgiving morning can be stressful, OR it can begin with Immaculate Baking Organic Cinnamon Rolls. A love of folk art and mastery of dough meet in a place where whimsy and convenience can share a cuppa tea alongside freshly baked treats that taste homemade but weren’t. Start Thanksgiving the deliciously easy way!

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Applegate Organics® Breakfast Sausage—a pancake’s BFF

Applegate Breakfast SausageDinner on the 4th Thursday in November may be what this month is all about, but let’s not forget breakfast. Applegate Organics® Breakfast Sausage, made with non-GMO ingredients, is a reminder of the kind of meal that’s a reason to be festive all on its own. With the convenience and humanely-raised goodness of Applegate Organics® sausage—festive comes naturally.

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Tate’s—the cookie platter Friendsgiving ordered

Tate's CookiesIf Friendsgiving had a prerequisite—it would be Tate’s Bake Shop cookies! Crisp and buttery—they’re sure to add life to any party you have planned this season, not to mention gratitude. And they have the ultimate crowdpleaser—a stack of gluten-free flavors. Bring Tate’s cookies home for the holidays, and you’ll have something everyone can agree on!

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Bake better with Miyoko’s vegan butter

Miyoko's Vegan ButterIn the lush, coastal hills of Northern California exists a creamery unlike the rest—Miyoko’s. Outside, rescued  farm animals graze in green fields. Inside, plant milk is churned into an uncommonly delicious European-style  cultured Vegan Butter. It melts, spreads, and bakes just like the real thing, but it’s 100% plant-based, organic, and ready to bring the “lush” to your holiday table.

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Mix up breakfast Birch Benders style

Birch Benders Baking ProductsOne hundred and forty-five waffles a minute—that’s the reported rate at which we collectively devour this classic at a particularly waffle-y national chain! With Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle mixes, you can satisfy your cravings while cozy in your pj’s and without worrying about junk ingredients. There’s one for every lifestyle—from Keto to Buttermilk. Just add water and see how many you devour in a minute.

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Bob’s Red Mill®—better grain-free baking

Bob's Red Mill Coconut FlourIf wizardry is the reason for grainfree baked goods with crave-able texture—Bob’s Red Mill® grain-free flours are the magic wand! Finely ground to the size  that delivers the best performance for each type (Almond, Hazelnut, or Coconut)—they’re non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and ready to transform any  recipe. Let the enchantment begin.

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Nixie®—the bubbly for every celebration

Nixie Sparkling WatersWhether you’re a trend-setter or a trend-protester—Nixie® Sparkling Water is one trending brand you don’t want to miss. With fun fruit and botanicals pairings and a dash of caffeine in their tea-infused blends—they’ll add the effervescence your celebration desires. Certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and zero-calorie—Nixie® delivers on its motto: “a refreshing twist on sparkling water.”

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Get a head start with Wholesome

Wholesome Baking MixesThe phrase “from scratch” originates in sports—it was the line where a race started. With Wholesome Scratch-Quality Baking Mixes, you don’t have to start from the beginning because they did it for you. Certified organic and made with Fair Trade sweeteners—Wholesome brings the made-from-scratch taste to your celebration without the extra work because you deserve a head start.

Spread joy with Once Again® gourmet nut butter

Once Again® Nut ButtersRaccoons are usually on the un-invited guest list. So what does this charming troublemaker have to do with Thanksgiving? They’re the face of Once Again®, a 100% employee-owned company crafting gourmet, house-roasted and blended, non-GMO nut butter—star ingredients for everything from  dressings to desserts. Spread deliciousness everywhere you use them, like in that peanut butter banana pudding you’re now craving.

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Natural Grocers® Brand sweet and savory nuts—the snacking answer

Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Nut MixesThanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Every-daygiving—however you view the holiday, you still need snacks! Natural Grocers Brand flavored almonds, in sweet and savory styles, and organic Deluxe Nut Mix are THE answer to the snacking question—filling in those empty spaces deliciously and nutritiously. They’re non-GMO, dry-roasted, and pair perfectly with galas or with TikTok.

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Califia Farms® is for plant-based holiday cheer

Califia Farms Almond MilksIn Mexico, they enjoy Rompope. In Puerto Rico, it’s called Coquito—we say Califia Farms® Holiday Nog when we fancy a non-alcoholic version of the season’s favorite merry-making beverage. It’s a vegan “eggnog” that checks all the creamy, cinnamon, and nutmeg-y boxes. In fact, Califia has all our seasonal cravings covered with Cold Brew Coffee in Pumpkin Spice Latte and Peppermint Mocha, too—plant-based and loaded with holiday cheer.

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Bonafide Provisions® Broth—the flavor maker

Bonafide Provision Vegetable BrothIf Thanksgiving menus could win Oscars—Bonafide Provisions® Organic Cooking Broths should win the best supporting role. Crafted by a Clinical Nutritionist and a chef, they’re made with whole organic veggies and/or freerange chicken bones—NO concentrates, added sugar, or canola oil. Make Bonafide Provisions® the official sponsor of your award-winning Thanksgiving dinner flavor! You’re welcome.

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Bliss is for Natural Grocers Brand Belgian chocolate

Natural Grocers Brand Chocolate BarsThey say Belgian chocolate was first traded in 1635 when the monks of the Baudeloo Abbey bought it as gifts. We think the smooth decadence of Natural Grocers Brand chocolate bars would have inspired the monks to trade the entire abbey for a lifetime supply. Certified Organic and Belgium crafted—its melt-in-your-mouth quality would spark gratitude even if it weren’t Thanksgiving.

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Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar—a match made in Natural Grocers Brand paradise

Natural Grocers® Brand Olive Oil and Balsamic VinegarRegarding the finer things in life—and in the pantry, the intersection of affordability and authenticity can be hard to locate. This riddle doesn’t apply to Natural Grocers Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Sourced from Spain and Italy, respectively, they’re Certified Organic and verified authentic—ready to add the finery to your feast.

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Natural Grocers Brand frozen sides—simplify your holiday menu

Natural Grocers® Brand Frozen SidesHosting Friendsgiving? You need Natural Grocers Brand Non-GMO Project Verified frozen sides—ready-to-go almost as quickly as you can say skillet. We disagree with sacrificing taste for convenience, so we source our cheesy dumplings (gnocchi) and creamy risotto from the flavorful land of their origins—Italy. Cut yourself some slack this season without cutting out flavor or nutrition!

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Natural Grocers Brand Gourmet Jarred Olives—the easy answer to holiday appetizers

Natural Grocers® Brand Gourmet Jarred OlivesIf we had only one answer to the question of holiday appetizers, it would be Natural Grocers Brand olives. Sourced from Greece, their briny perfection is the stuff of family traditions—crafted with over 90 years of family-owned excellence. They’re Certified Organic, bona fide delicious, and ready to impress.

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Bring home the best bacon with Natural Grocers Brand

Natural Grocers® Brand BaconYou could start your day with it, wrap your turkey in it, or serve it candied on donuts. The list of things to do with Natural Grocers Brand Bacon is long, and its sizzling superiority is no accident. A heritage breed of pig combined with strictly humane practices and six generations of family farming excellence delivers the culinary triumph that is Natural Grocers Brand Bacon!

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Gluten-free and exquisitely easy to bake

Natural Grocers® Brand Baking MixesWhat goes with the holidays like football and Thanksgiving afternoon? Natural Grocers Brand Certified Gluten-free Baking Mixes—a fan favorite that never fails to deliver the texture and taste you crave in baked goods. No rice flour, no dairy, and no GMOs are involved in making your cakey dreams come true, and they go exceptionally well with football too.

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Natural Grocers Brand Maple Syrup—waffle’s true love

Natural Grocers® Brand Maple SyrupWhere there are waffles, there must be Natural Grocers Brand Maple Syrup! Grade A, Dark and 100% pure—its robust flavor is ideal for grilling, glazing, and baking too. It’s Certified Organic and collected using a lower impact tapping system and less energy than the industry average. Where there is Natural Grocers Brand Maple Syrup—there will be thanksgiving.

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Natural Grocers Brand—the gold standard for eggs

Natural Grocers® Brand Pasture-Raised EggsEggs are to holiday galas like punctuation is to a good story—you can’t pull it off without them, so equip yourself with the best! Natural Grocers Brand Pasture-Raised Eggs come from hens who have never seen a cage—instead, they know abundant outdoor space and lots of daily sunshine. Certified Organic and Certified Humane—they’re the best eggs in town for the best price around. Period.

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You won’t get in a jam with Natural Grocers Brand preserves

Natural Grocers® Brand Preserves1913—that’s when home refrigeration was invented. Before that, the only way to eat fruit out of season was to turn it into something like jam. And that’s the reason for the homemade goodness of Natural Grocers Brand Preserves—a family recipe dating back to the century before refrigeration. Certified Organic, fruit-forward, and made with 30% less sugar than other brands—bring oldfashioned flavor to your Thanksgiving table.

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Natural Grocers Brand gluten-free pasta—the mac to your cheese

Natural Grocers® Brand PastasCan’t imagine Thanksgiving without homemade mac and cheese? We can’t either, and that’s why Natural Grocers Brand Pasta is a pantry staple this time of year (and always). It’s Certified Gluten-Free and Organic, brought to you by a woman-owned company, and that’s just for starters. Artisan crafted in Italy, the traditional way, for pasta that holds onto its sauce—or cheese.

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Natural Grocers Brand frozen fruit: summertime flavor—year-round convenience

Natural Grocers® Brand Frozen FruitsThe history of pie goes WAY back. Some credit the Greeks with creating the first pie shells, and the pastry was trendy in ancient Rome. Now you can add an unforgettable chapter to pie’s history with Natural Grocers Brand frozen fruit. It’s Certified Organic and ready to fill your flaky crust with intense, jammy flavor!

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Natural Grocers Brand—get cheesy with it

Natural Grocers® Brand CheesesMac doesn’t happen without cheese! Neither do crackers, queso, or so many other melty indulgences, and Natural Grocers Brand cheese has a style for every occasion. It’s made from milk sourced within a 90-mile radius of the cheese-crafting facility—the bounty of cows grazing year-round on California’s northern coast. Don’t let your mac happen without Natural Grocers Brand cheese!

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