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Bamboo Paper ProductsPaper goods are an essential part of life, especially when it comes to keeping things clean and hygienic. Caring about the planet is essential too, and that’s why we now have Natural Grocers Brand Bamboo Paper Towels and Bath Tissue! Once the paper-making Bamboo grass takes root—it grows 1–4 cm an hour, which means it regenerates in a year. That’s right—not 100, 20, or 10 years like most trees, just one! Luxuriously soft and smooth, our bamboo paper products are naturally antibacterial, super water absorbent, and free of chlorine, chemicals, fragrances, dyes, or BPA. Plus, they’re Always Affordable℠! When it comes to life’s essential details—Natural Grocers has you covered, because what’s good for the planet is good4u!

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Bamboo Paper ProductsA grove of bamboo beneath a sky so blue is where this member of the good4u gang loves to hang. He’s a jolly young fellow who enjoys the occasional marshmallow. Perhaps it’s this penchant for a sweet treat that makes him the nicest guy you’ll ever meet! And, if you wish to talk about anything sustainable—he knows how to make it very explainable, because Enzo the Elephant is oh, so eloquent. Now, this hilarious mammal (whose best friend is a camel) is heading out to our neighborhoods to tell you about our Bamboo Paper Goods. The texture of our paper towels and bath tissue is first-class, and they’re made from fast-growing grass—instead of chopping down a tree, plus from chemicals, dyes, and fragrances, they are free! These are the kinds of things you will hear when you lend this friendly pachyderm an ear. And, with any luck, you won’t be so awestruck that you can’t follow Enzo to your nearest Natty Gs and fill all your bamboo paper needs.