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Natural Grocers Presents is about giving a voice to the farmers and ranchers who are at the forefront of changing the way our food is produced to ensure a livable, healthy tomorrow. They’re organic growers, grassroots farmers, and regenerative ranchers and they’re also game changers, life changers, and change makers. Each film causes us to pause, to question the status-quo of food production, all while evoking an uplifting, positive message of hope and transformation. And it all centers around how we eat, where our food comes from, and who we support with our food dollars. Let’s journey together, let’s get inspired, and let’s stay hungry to make a change.

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Regenerative Renegades™

Finding a solution to combat climate change must include a change in our conventional agricultural system from one that depletes our soil to one that regenerates it.

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Ghosts of the Great Plains

Life on the Great Plains was forever changed when the buffalo stopped roaming the land.


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Dirty Little Secret

There is a moovement taking place at Thousand Hills™ Lifetime Grazed® 100% Grass Fed Beef.


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What does a Princeton grad, a Fullbright Scholar, a cattle rancher, and a conservationist have in common?

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