{N}power Terms of Use

As used in these Terms of Use, “Natural Grocers”, “us,” “we” and “our” refers to Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates. These Terms of Use apply to {N}power, a digital incentive program offered by Natural Grocers. If you are a registered user, these terms and conditions apply to your use of the {N}power program and its associated network, website and point-of-sale communication platform.


{N}power Terms and Conditions

By using the http://www.naturalgrocers.com/ website, any of the information displayed on it or any of its services or offers, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM.


Copyright & Trademark Notice

The name {N}power and any graphical and textual displays associated with that name, including but not limited to logos, slogans, tag lines, and captions, are trademarks of Natural Grocers. All rights are reserved.

You are permitted to view, store, print, and distribute any material from this website for noncommercial use, and only in support of the {N}power program, provided you do not modify such website in any way. You may not use, reproduce, or distribute any material from this website in any manner that damages or disparages the reputation of {N}power, its services, Natural Grocers or its directors, officers, employees or stockholders.


No Warranties, Express or Implied

{N}power is provided for your convenience and enjoyment, and assumes no liability whatsoever for the interpretation of any information displayed on this website. THE WEBSITE AND ITS CONTENT ARE PROVIDED “AS IS”, AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Although {N}power tries to provide accurate and timely information on this website, Natural Grocers assumes no responsibility in connection with the information on this website. Natural Grocers reserves the right to change or delete any offered program, service or product at any time without notice. IN NO EVENT SHALL NATURAL GROCERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) LOST PROFITS OR DAMAGES THAT MAY RESULT FROM USING ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE. From time to time, Natural Grocers may post on its website statements made by third parties. Natural Grocers may monitor such third party statements for accuracy, legality, ownership, or other characteristics, but is not obligated to do so. Natural Grocers expressly disclaims any and all liability for such third party statements.


No Endorsement of Third-Party Links

All product and brand names mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners. Any mention of such names on this website is for information only and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement or a recommendation by Natural Grocers or its personnel.


Termination of Your Account for Violating our Terms of Use

If we determine in our sole discretion that you have violated our {N}power Terms of Use, including by tampering with the sign-up process, submitting fraudulent personal information, or otherwise attempting to abuse or manipulate the {N}power program,  we may in our sole discretion and as permitted by law, terminate your account and eliminate any pending, current, or future rewards or discounts to which you may be entitled. We will notify you of such termination at the email address you provide and such termination will be effective immediately.


Coupon Policy

{N}power accepts manufacturers’ coupons (limit one per item) and all digital offers from https://naturalgrocers.reachoffers.com. Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon, and Natural Grocers reserves the right to limit quantities. Manager approval is needed for individual coupons above $5.00. For a buy-one-get-one free offer, each item is considered a separate sale. See store for more details regarding the coupon policy.


Privacy Policy

When you register with and use the {N}power program, you must provide Natural Grocers with basic personally identifiable information about yourself. This policy explains the information practices that apply to your account information, as well as the choices you can make about the ways this information may be used by Natural Grocers.


Collection of your {N}power Account Information

Your account information consists of the following information, which is collected when you sign up to be a registered user of the program:

  • Mobile or Home Telephone Number (required)
  • Email address (required)

Your account also consists of information collected or received about you as a user of the program. Depending on how you use the program, your account information may include:

  • Information about your visits to the program website and your responses to the offerings presented.
  • Information about the services/offerings you use, and frequency of use.
  • Information about how long you have used services in the program.
  • Transaction-related information regarding the history of products purchased through the program.
  • Customer service information about you as an {N}power user, including your: preferred store, birthday, gender, address and interests.
  • Information specifically related to your use of a particular service or offering.
  • Your account information may also include certain technical information gathered or received when you use the program. Some of the technical information that may be collected includes:
  • The type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Type of operating system you are using (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, etc.)
  • Your manner of connecting to the Internet (e.g., narrowband, broadband, etc.)
  • Your internet protocol address
  • The type of mobile phone you are using if you access offers via the mobile site (e.g, iPhone, Android, etc.).

Additionally, the {N}power program will use your registered telephone number to authenticate you on the in-store network to enable you to take advantage of program offerings.


How Your {N}power Account Information is Used

Your information is used:

  • To fulfill your requests for services.
  • To operate and improve the website, services and offerings available through program.
  • To personalize the content and advertisements provided to you.
  • Optionally to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries.
  • To conduct research about your use of the program.

Natural Grocers may use agents and contractors in order to help operate the {N}power program. If such agents and contractors have access to personally identifiable information, they are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this privacy policy by, for example, not using the information for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for the program.

Your account information will not be shared with third parties unless it is necessary to fulfill a transaction you have requested, in other circumstances in which you have consented to the sharing of your information, or except as described in this privacy policy.

Information about you as a {N}power user may be accessed and disclosed in response to legal process (for example, a court order, search warrant or subpoena) or in other circumstances in which Natural Grocers believes the program is being used in the commission of a crime.


Your Choices About Your {N}power Information

Natural Grocers provides you with access to your registration information and the ability to edit this information.

You can make choices about how your {N}power account information may be used by Natural Grocers to provide marketing offers to you. In order to do so, please visit the My Account area and review your {N}power communication preferences. These preferences apply to communications that are directly related to your registration with the program, such as email and/or SMS notifications.

Because the choices you make in connection with your {N}power account may not take effect immediately, it is possible you may receive a communication during the period in which your request is being processed.


Cookies and Web Beacons

The {N}power program may use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies in combination with your account information to help authenticate you when you use the program, to remember your preferences and registration information, to enable a shopping list, to enhance and personalize your experience on the program website, including to operate and improve offerings, and to present and help measure and research the effectiveness of program offerings, advertisements, and e-mail.


Our Commitment to Security

Natural Grocers has established strong safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access to or misuse of your {N}power account information, but cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this privacy policy (for example, as a result of unauthorized acts by third parties that violate applicable law or the policies of the program and its affiliated providers). To protect your privacy and security, the {N}power program requires passwords to help verify your identity before granting access or making corrections to any of your account information.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the {N}power program or its privacy policy, you may contact us through our contact form (please select “{N}power Questions” from the drop down menu).  You may also reach us by phone at (877) 986-4600.


Changes to this Privacy Policy and Additional Information

Natural Grocers reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time and without notice, so you should review it periodically.

You may be provided other privacy-related information in connection with your use of offerings from the program, as well as for special features and services not described in this policy that may be introduced in the future.