Pet and General Merchandise Product Criteria

If you produce or manufacture natural pet food, environmentally friendly household cleaners, recycled or renewable paper products, naturally scented candles, handy cooking gadgets, health minded books or any general merchandise item that you think would be a great addition to the items we offer then please follow the new item submission information below.

We look forward to learning more about products, and to consider them for potential placement in our stores, whether they are new products from larger national or regional brands, or local brands and products that can be carried at individual store locations. Please note: We are unable to approve any products sold via multi-level or independent distribution business models.

Review more information on our pet food and household products standards.

New Items Submittal Process

If your products are in line with our quality standards, please follow the product submission button below.


Some Other Important Information

Things We Won’t Carry and Why

Review our dynamic list of the most problematic ingredients that include explanations of why we won’t carry them.


Unless they are certified organic, if your ingredients include corn, canola, soy, beet sugar, etc., we will ask about a non-GMO certification because these crops are often genetically modified.