Ranked One of America's Healthiest & Cleanest Grocery Stores!

Thank you for ranking us as one of the healthiest & cleanest grocery stores in America. According to Consumer Reports, we are amongst the highest ranked for healthy food choices, quality produce, and cleanliness in the United States.

"…based on survey responses from more than 75,000 Consumer Reports members, who provided ratings of the one or two supermarkets they visit most often.

We asked members to judge supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and supercenters—mass merchandizers with on-premises groceries—on 13 grocery-store attributes, including cleanliness, price, food quality and variety, checkout speed and staff helpfulness, selection of healthy options and locally produced foods, and variety of international and multicultural foods.”



        Stanger, Tobie. “Best Grocery Stores and Supermarkets.” Consumer Reports, Consumer Reports, 16 Apr. 2019, www.consumerreports.org/grocery-stores-supermarkets/best-grocery-stores….


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