Supplement Product Criteria

Thank you for the interest in a partnership with Natural Grocers! Before we officially review products for possible placement in NGVC stores, we need to make sure product meets NGVC quality standards. Please complete a review package, which includes live samples to be shipped to the address listed below. Additionally, email all forms along with supporting documentation.

Before proceeding with a submittal please note:

  1. Please review the Supplement Ingredients We Won’t Sell list posted on this website, . We are unable to review any product containing these ingredients.
  2. Products from multi-level marketing or independent distributors will not be approved.



Please send a physical sample of the product with finalized labeling with live product.  We use finished product samples to examine ingredients, label, packaging, size, flavor, smell, effect, etc.  In addition, ensuring we have the final sample allows us to accurately set-up product in our POS system if it is approved in the future.


Samples are to be sent to:

Supplement Review

Natural Grocers

4403 Table Mountain Drive, Ste. A

Golden, CO 80403


Electronic Forms section:

Please review the below list of forms and documents.  Typically, the best person to complete the NGVC Quality Questionnaire would be a QA person from your or your manufacturer’s team.  In order to prevent waste, we would appreciate all forms and associated documents to be submitted only electronically to:


New Items Supplement [email protected]


Existing Vendor submittal packet:

  • Please submit live product and new item forms as specified above.
  • Any line extensions, changes to product formulas, reinstatement of previously discontinued products etc. must be submitted as new products for consideration. They are not automatically approved.
  • Please provide suggestions of slower selling product within your line to potentially be discontinued for placement of new product.

For both New and Existing Vendors: Failure to provide requested forms, tests and samples will mean automatic non-approval of products or line. Please make sure the submittal includes all forms and tests requested.


New Vendor Submittal packet:

  • NGVC Quality Questionnaire: One questionnaire per brand to be submitted is needed. If brands are produced via contract manufacturer one questionnaire per manufacturer is needed. Please specify which brands are made by each manufacturer. A new product pricing form should be filled out for all items and submitted.
    • Note any special pricing and return information on this form and in the body of your email (Hint: We appreciate the best pricing, so we can provide affordable health options to our consumers.  We also provide our customers with a 100% return policy and look for the same from our vendor-partners).
    • Note your purchase supply options including any distributors and the order numbers for each item at each distributor (multi-level or independent distributors will not be approved).
  • A certificate of liability insurance for direct purchase products with Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets Inc. dba Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage as the certificate holder and at least $2 Million aggregate (If approved, this will need to be updated annually).”  **At this time NGVC does not need to be listed on a COI.  A copy of a current COI would be suitable for review purposes.
  • A marketing plan including national advertising or co-op dollars available.
  • If the product contains ingredients not commonly recognized, please submit information about the ingredient(s) including any supporting clinical trial summaries.
  • Supporting documentation regarding your Supplier Verification Program.
  • Provide quality supporting documentation in your email submittal package for each of the following circumstances.
    • Finished product: A Finished Product Analysis (final product Certificate of Analysis) for all products from a third party source or from an onsite lab.
    • Chinese ingredients: Include an example of one of your raw material retest certificate of analysis for any ingredient originally sourced from China including any routinely performed test.
    • Marine Oils: A retest certificate for any Marine oil products showing heavy metal and PCB/Dioxin testing and country of origin.
    • Ginger: retest certificate of analysis for pesticides and in particular Aldicarb.


Next Step - Click on these links to download*; then review, complete and return these forms per the instructions on each document:

Supplement Quality Questionnaire. (Word file)

Supplement Criteria document. (Word file)

New Supplement approval Form. (Excel file)

Note: Please note that some of these files may take up to a minute to download, please be patient.