Body Care Criteria & Instructions

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Natural Grocers! In today’s competitive retail arena, we take great care to make the best choices among new products. We always welcome new product submissions and we do carefully consider each one. Click here for more information on our Body Care Standards.

We know your time is valuable. In order to conserve time and resources, please review the following criteria prior to submitting your product: 

  • Prior to submitting products, please consult the list of ingredients we cannot approve here; any submission containing ingredients on this list will be automatically declined. 
  • Our ingredient standards are constantly evolving; we reserve the right to decline ingredients not yet specified on the list. 


Additional Notes:

  • Ongoing discounts for a product will be passed along to the consumer resulting in a lower retail. It is our standard policy to price below MSRP. 
  • We do not accept multi-level products, or products from independent distributors. 
  • Any line extensions, changes to product formulas, reinstatement of previously discontinued products etc. must be submitted as new products for consideration. They are not automatically approved. 
  • For all new products approved by Natural Grocers, sales reps/brokers must give equal number of suggestions of products within their lines to be discontinued by Natural Grocers. These products can be special ordered for customers but must be removed from our shelves. Product discontinuation will be at the discretion of Natural Grocers. 
  • We have a 100% return policy for our customers, and it is necessary to have the same from our vendors. Failure to provide a 100% customer return policy may result in non-approval of your product.