Company Culture

A Culture of Empowerment   

Talking about change can sound exciting, but making it happen requires action. At Natural Grocers, we cultivate a culture where every small act, every single day, has an impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities, the environment, and the economy.

Just be Yourself Work Environment

We choose YOU because of the unique individual that you are, and we don’t want a uniform to mask that. At our stores, we give you an apron and a name tag — the rest is your design. There aren’t any mandatory suits lurking behind the scenes at our Store Support Center or offices either; wearing what makes you comfortable is the dress code we promote. We believe that when you’re at ease in your environment you have more freedom to be creative, to connect and to excel. Our smaller store concept is a friendly space intended to ignite connections between you, your coworkers and customers. With community rooms and cozy book nooks for sharing Nutrition Education, we cultivate an environment where everyone can be themselves while empowering others.  


Diversity Statement

At the heart of Natural Grocers' commitment to our community and crew is this belief: All people should be empowered to experience health and wellbeing! We cannot be true to this conviction without honoring diversity and cultivating inclusion throughout every aspect of our organization.

At Natural Grocers, we honor our differences, embrace diversity, and cultivate inclusion because both individual and societal health are rooted in these principles. Our Crew is diverse not only in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities, and age but also in cultural backgrounds, thoughts, and ideas. Celebrating our diversity refreshes, expands, and shapes our perspective, energizing our mission of equitable access to health and wellness for all. We welcome everyone who would like to join us in this mission, with gratitude for the unique life experience each person brings to the table. We’re committed to nurturing an ecosystem of diversity and inclusion in which our Crew can continue to thrive.


Empowering Health Across Communities

If you believe that every day is an opportunity to learn something new, join our team! Your journey of Nutrition Education starts here, where learning about nutritious food and the health-supporting benefits of supplements is the way we do business. Our mission is to empower you to take control of your health, so you can empower others. We use classes, cooking demos, onsite nutritional health coaching sessions, and free literature as the tools to help you grow your nutrition knowledge and share it with the neighborhood. 

At Natural Grocers, we cultivate a culture that goes beyond customer service it’s customer CARE. As a part of our team, you become knowledgeable about all our products and you become enthusiastic about not only taking customers to the product but teaching them about it, too. That’s how it all started, and when you join us your role is to continue to pass it on!