Letter From the Isely's - Dear July

We’re delighted to see you—it’s been a while! And thanks for the invite…consider this our RSVP. YES, we will get outside and Rock the Grill this month, and we’ll invite our neighbors too!



Letter From the Isely's - Dear July

Like you said, the kitchen needs a break. It has nothing new to say lately, so the considerate thing to do is to give it a moment’s peace. The overworked stove deserves some downtime while we’re out on the back patio, down by the apartment complex pool, or at the park rockin’ that grill. And we’re sending our imaginations out dancing with our appetites because from pancakes to pizza to stone fruit—the grill has no limits.

Here’s what we’re bringing to the party, because we know you’re wondering, July. Loads of 100 percent organic produce: corn and tomatoes, watermelon and peaches, strawberries and cherries, and portabellas too. We have 100% grass-fed, lifetime grazed beef, free-range chicken, grass-fed bison, wild-caught boar, and sustainably raised salmon and shrimp. We can’t do without thick slices of pasture-based cheese, milk and ice cream (because homemade milkshakes with a grilled pineapple garnish, just saying…). We’ve got plant-based patties, brats, and dips galore, all made with real ingredients, not genetically engineered in a lab. Whether it’s gluten-free, grain-free, or simply hassle-free, we’re bringing all the fixings for a spread that’s free of artificial junk and full of flavor.

You see, we want summer to keep on being a season—sunny and chill and something we can’t wait to greet. So, for us, Rock the Grill means loving on this beautiful planet with our food choices. And we’re doing it for our health too because it’s all connected. Let’s toast to that with a strawberry kombucha mocktail, or three!

We can’t wait to catch up during these long, velvety evenings; to hear about your adventures while we’ve been spending time with April, May, and June. See you tonight, July! And hey, neighbors, we hope you join us! Let’s flick o the kitchen light, turn up the music, and Rock the Grill!