Letter From the Iselys - February 2023

Ahh, February… you’re a sweet month. So brief. So romantic. So full of chocolate. At least, that last part is true for our family, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Because our mother, grandmother, mom-in-law, friend, and co-founder Margaret Isely always said there isn’t much in life that can’t be improved with a bit of chocolate.


Chocolate Quote


So, neighbors, friends, and chocolate-thieving family members, let’s celebrate. And even if chocolate isn’t your thing, we hope you join us. Because February’s favorite confection is really just a metaphor for what’s on our minds—sinking into the everyday, feel-good moments. Like waking up to a blanket of sparkling snow. Or taking a walk on a sunny winter day. It’s finding a cozy corner waiting for you in your favorite coee shop. It’s cooking a dish that satisfies all your senses. It’s the ending to a movie so well-done you know a sequel would ruin it.

It’s a smile shared between strangers. Dad jokes. The way your mom looks at you when you think nobody understands. The friend who always shows up for you. Knowing there’s another person in the world with your same sense of humor. It’s the grace that comes with age. It’s love in all its renditions—family, friends, romantic partners, and community. And sometimes it’s the moments, alone, when you know that you really are okay. You are enough.

As for the actual, edible concept of chocolate—we have lots of it to talk about this month. We hope you find one, or three, or ten cocoa-inspired delights in the pages of this magazine to satisfy your sweet tooth and your sweetheart. But most of all, we hope you discover all the metaphorically chocolate-covered moments in February that you need right now: a little indulgence, a lot of joy, and a genuine sense that you matter!

The Isely Family