Letter From the Iselys - January 2023

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It’s hard to believe January is already here again! The first chapter of a new year… what’s it going to say? How will the story of 2023 begin? We know there are many plotlines we can’t predict. But we also believe there is one theme we can choose, even when the world is uncertain, and life keeps throwing us curveballs—it’s the narrative of our health and wellbeing!

Letter From the Iselys - January 2023Our Natural Grocers family has been writing fresh chapters in healthy empowerment since 1955. And although many things have changed over the decades, the same values remain at the heart of our story. Like the core elements of a plot, our Five Founding Principles have never failed to anchor and guide us. Now, as we kick off our annual Resolution Reset, we are confident we have the resources to help you pen a triumphant story arc for your wellness goals this year.

Our commitment to Quality means the products we sell have passed the strictest standards for human health, animal welfare, and the regeneration of our planet. We’re dedicated to Always Affordable pricing because we believe everyone in our Communities and our Crew deserves access to premium natural and organic products at accessible prices. And the hero of our story is always science-based, comprehensive, FREE Nutrition Education to help you make the best choices for your protagonists.

So who’s ready to be the author of your own healthy story? Let’s pour a cup of tea and find some inspiration in these pages to craft an empowering first chapter for this new year, shall we?

See you soon!
The Isely Family